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Kickstart your return to work

Every business is having to create a process to manage a safe return to the workplace for staff, we want to make the process easier for you.

We have partnered with iHASCO eLearning to offer an out of the box return to work eLearning solution and Hygiene Safety Consultants for accredited consultancy and to help your workforce return to work safely and legally.

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Deliver effective learning in line with your business needs

Don’t fit learning around your LMS, make your LMS work for you! glo™ learn’s user-friendly features allow you to meet your specific learning requirements and quickly get started delivering and reporting on induction, compliance, CPD, product learning and much much, more!


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Configurable reporting to track learning
Gain valuable insight into your workforce’s learning, using standard reports and analytics dashboards to more simply monitor learning completion and track progress across teams, multiple locations or franchises.
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Engage learners with enhanced gamification
Upload a range of learning content and motivate your learners by rewarding achievement with pop-up badges and points that drive friendly competition on the configurable leaderboard.

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Automate learning with the complex rules engine
Save time scheduling learning and more simply meet your compliance regulations. Setting rules with multiple conditions, send automatic reminders for refresher training and trigger badges to reward achievement.
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Manage learning in complex structures
Easily deliver learning across different teams, regions and franchises, with complex user management workflows that allow you to assign learning and manage users in even the most complicated organisation structures.

Organise face-to-face learning
Manage all your learning in one place! A fully-blended learning platform, glo™ learn lets you schedule face-to-face training, where you can add booking information, automate course reminders and monitor attendance.
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Tailor interfaces to meet your needs
With content management capabilities and shortcuts that provide quick access to a range of admin functions, glo™ learn allows you to personalise LMS pages to specific areas of the business and highlight any learning initiatives.



Drive engagement with unique Visual Learning Journeys

A one-of-a-kind gamified learning experience, Visual Learning Journeys guide employees through an interactive pathway of blended learning activities, motivating your workforce.

Simple to create and personalise to different areas of your business, Visual Learning Journey’s deliver relevant learning and reward achievement with leaderboards, badges and points.

Ideal for delivering technical training in the Automotive Industry, providing consistent compliance learning for Financial businesses and upskilling staff in Retail, drive engagement with a gamified, interactive experience.

Automotive, finance and retail Visual Learning Journeys


Why we’re the #1 choice for the Automotive Industry

Working with the Automotive Industry for over 3 decades, we specialise in providing learning solutions that allow Automotive businesses to easily deliver, manage and report on blended learning across complex franchise groups or dealer networks.

Since first creating eLearning for Ford Motor Co in the late 1980s, we’ve worked on a variety of LMS and eLearning projects with leading Automotive manufacturers & dealer networks, the major Automotive parts specialists, and Automotive finance & insurance companies, using our vast expertise to help them meet KPI’s and specific learning objectives.

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Our eLearning services

Whether you require business specific eLearning, universal soft skills modules or need to develop your digital learning strategy, we have a service to meet your needs! With over 30 years of digital design and development experience, we offer engaging bespoke and off-the-shelf eLearning content, as well as expert consultancy, so you can deliver effective learning that will inspire your employees.

  • Bespoke eLearning

    Deliver relevant learning personalised to your business with bespoke eLearning.

  • Content libraries

    Upskill your workforce with off-the-shelf content libraries covering soft skills, office packages and compliance.

  • Consultancy

    Form your learning strategy with our expert advice, whatever your business size or need.

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