Learning management
system (LMS) that
transforms your
learning culture

Create meaningful learning experiences that
engage your people with Digits LMS: a
sophisticated, customisable learning
management system that puts learning at
the heart of your organisation.
By Digits, part of the CIPHR Group

Key features

Visual learning journeys

Curate engaging learning
programmes for groups
of learners

Social learning

Connect with other learners
through forums

Skills gap analysis

Intelligent suggestions for
next learning steps

Performance reviews

Support ongoing development

Sophisticated reporting

L&D admins and line
managers can monitor
completion rates

Online and offline

Supports a variety of
content types, and can
record on-the-job

Suitable for all

Including extended

Get a holistic view of
your people

By linking it with an HR
system such as CIPHR

“Digits LMS is really helping us create a learning culture. It’s a fantastic learning management system – the best I’ve used”

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Visual learning journeys

Digits LMS’s visual learning journeys pull together carefully selected
activities into a programme of learning that is designed especially for
that learner or job role, giving the individual the opportunity to build and
develop their skills step by step.

You can combine many different formats of learning content into a single learning journey, and create branched journeys with our automated rules engine, so learners who meet certain criteria are redirected to other, more relevant programmes of learning.

Branding and customisation

Customise and configure Digits LMS to truly feel part of your
organisation’s suite of systems.

Apply branding, logos, colours, graphics and more to create a look and feel that’s right for your company. Configure content on the homepage and landing pages to reflect learners’ needs.

“We are so impressed with the capabilities visual learning journeys give us. Being tailored to our business, they have delivered our requirements quickly and seamlessly, driving real results.”

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Our services

Digital learning content

Choose to populate Digits LMS with content you have created in-house, off-the-shelf content libraries, or content you have commissioned. Got a tricky learning challenge to solve that requires bespoke content? Our experts are on hand to create tailormade activities that deliver the learning outcomes you need.


What is a learning
management system?

A learning management system (LMS) is a platform used by organisations to upload, deliver, share, manage and report on learning activities undertaken by employee and, sometimes, customers as well. These activities can be workbooks, articles, eLearning courses, quizzes, assessments, videos, and on-the-job training, for example. An LMS can be used to deliver learning and training on any topic, from compliance to health and safety, product training, and customer service, for example.

Learning management systems are most often used by larger organisations – those with 500 or more employees – because, once a company scales beyond a certain size, learning becomes too complex to manage without specialist software. Learning management systems are used by employees in all job roles and at all levels of seniority, although they are most often administered and controlled by learning and development (L&D) or specialists. Investing in an LMS helps to raise the profile and importance of L&D in an organisation, foster a learning ethos, and, ultimately, make people more knowledgeable and efficient.

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