Who are Digits?

Digits Industries are a leading digital learning provider with over 3 decades of experience in digital learning design and development. Passionate about delivering learning solutions that make a genuine difference to businesses, our glo™ learn LMS, unique Visual Learning Journeys and bespoke eLearning gets online learning programmes running quickly.

Recognised by eLearning Industry as a Top 20 Learning Management System for Customer and User Experience, we make delivering online learning ‘Brilliantly Simple’.Top 20 Customer Experience and Top 20 User experience

Our history

Founded in 1993 by Managing Director, Colin Bull, Digits Multimedia Design was originally focused on providing design and production facility to corporate L&D departments. In 1999, Digits Multimedia became a limited company under the new name ‘Digits Industries Ltd’, with a new focus on eLearning, eMarketing and software development.

Continuing to grow the company based on the success of our user-centric design and working closely with our clients as a trusted partner, Coloni Est 1999 was established to provide a range of hosted solutions to support our client’s web and eLearning strategies.

After many years of working side by side, in 2015 Coloni and Digits merged under a single brand with an emphasis on digital learning and our glo™ solution.

Our values

We believe that delivering online learning shouldn’t be overly complicated!

Since we were established in 1993, our ethos has always been to work together with our clients to provide innovative learning solutions that make delivering learning ‘Brilliantly Simple!’.


Our clients

At Digits, we pride ourselves on working with our clients as a trusted partner to deliver learning solutions that meet their learning objectives.

In the last 26 years, we’ve helped clients from a variety of different industries and business sizes, from all aspects of the automotive sector to retail and finance.

Specialising in Automotive, Retail and Finance since 1993