A deeply philosophical question, but let’s go with the easy answer, we make ‘Brilliantly Simple’ Digital Learning

After 15 years working side by side, Coloni and Digits have united under our new brand. Created with an emphasis on digital learning, Digits has been providing eLearning and custom digital development services since the early 90’s. In response to client demand, we established Coloni in 1999, to provide our SaaS based learning and content management system and specialist secure hosting to our corporate clients.

The merger of Coloni and Digits under our new brand, continues our story as the learning provider with the experience and expertise to support your learning strategy with our content development services and customisable learning delivery platform, Learning Manager glo™

We provide innovative yet pragmatic learning solutions, customised to specific strategic or tactical needs, to deliver a simple learning experience for your users. 

Digits focusses on providing ‘Brilliantly Simple’ learning solutions that are customised to work in your world, to meet your business needs.