It all started in a back bedroom in 1993

Our history

From a background in the development of interactive multimedia training in the late 1980’s, Digits Multimedia Design was established in 1993 by Managing Director, Colin Bull, to provide a design and production facility to corporate L&D departments.

Working with an emphasis on high quality design, based on solid technical development knowledge, Digits worked closely as part of the clients L&D team, for what was then a new industry marketplace.  This has been the ethos of the company since it started and remains the way we like to work with our clients, as a trusted partner.

Joined by co-director Chris Leach, the company's success culminated in the incorporation of Digits as an established limited company and the formation of Coloni Ltd, our sister company.

Digits Industries Ltd - Est 1999

In 1999, Digits Multimedia was incorporated into a limited
company under the name Digits Industries Ltd, seeing the
end of the original sole trader business.

Working in three key business sectors, namely eLearning,
eMarketing and software development, we were able to
share best practice and design influence across our
development projects. During the Noughties, we saw other
'agencies' boom and bust, but maintained our steady growth,
expanding our design and production teams with a solid
technical development foundation.

Good user-centric design remained fundamental to the way
we work and this enabled us to build and maintain an
enviable portfolio of clients across the UK, Europe and
the USA.

The company has grown organically and our success and stability is credited to the quality of our work, maintaining good working relationships with our clients and, above all, through their recommendations and referrals.


Coloni Ltd - Est 1999

In order to maintain a tailored development approach, and in response to our customers’ needs, the Directors established Coloni Ltd in 1999, to provide a range of hosted solutions to support our clients’ web and eLearning strategies.

Coloni was formed with the emphasis on the Application Service Provision (ASP) based delivery of our own software products and Internet Service Hosting solutions (ISP).

We have provided our products and development services to many companies over the years, ranging from international blue chip companies, global financial organisations, security companies and Government departments to small businesses.

Security has always been at the heart of our hosting facilities and we maintain our clients' data within our dedicated hosting facilities.

Simplifying our story in 2015

After 15 years working side by side, at the end of 2014 Coloni and Digits united under a single brand.

It was clear to the directors that our story had become unclear to the outside world and difficult enough for us to explain.

Our two companies had always worked closely to provide the best solution to our clients and became more fractured as a story with the promotion of product brand for our learning platform glo™.

The directors took the decision to merge the companies under a single brand and focus on what we do best - digital learning - which is where we started over 20 years ago.