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Designed with Automotive requirements in mind, glo™ learn’s features allow Automotives to manage learning in complex organisation structures, drive engagement with unique, gamified learning programmes, and automate compliance using the advanced rules engine.


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Configurable reports & dashboards
Ensure you’re meeting minimum standards across multiple locations, franchises or dealerships with reporting and real-time dashboards that monitor compliance and KPI’s.
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Drive engagement with enhanced gamification
Motivate learners with pop-up award notifications, the badge rules engine and configurable leaderboards, that reward achievement and drive friendly competition.

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Automate reminders for compliance
Using the advanced rules engine, send automatic reminders for compliance refresher training and set rules for other learning activities using multiple conditions such as date, frequency and status.
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Manage learning in complex business structures
Deliver relevant learning, ensure compliance and manage user access in even the most complex dealer networks and franchise structures, with unlimited levels of user management and hierarchy.

User-friendly features reduce support time
Rated a Top 20 LMS for user-experience, glo™ learn empowers learners to adopt a self-led approach to learning, reducing support time that can be used developing other elements of your learning strategy.
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Customise interfaces to Automotive needs
Commissioned by Automotive for Automotives, the range of customised shortcuts provide quick admin functions and highlight key areas of learning, so you can tailor interfaces to specific industry needs.



Deliver engaging training with interactive learning pathways

A unique innovation in digital learning, Visual Learning Journeys guide learners on an interactive pathway of blended learning activities, creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Tailored to your business, deliver engaging learning on everything from sales knowledge to technical training, using the enhanced gamified features to reward learners with badges and points, placing them on a configurable leaderboard for friendly competition.

Reduce administration with the complex rules engine

In a busy industry like the Automotive, you can’t afford to waste time manually administrating your learning. Using the complex rule engine, you can automate learning by creating advanced rules with multiple different conditions, specific actions and frequencies.

Ideal for sending compliance reminders, automatically awarding points or badges and encouraging continual learning, easily set rules and let the LMS do the rest!

Why we’re the #1 choice for the Automotive Industry

Working with the Automotive Industry for over 3 decades, we specialise in providing learning solutions that allow Automotive businesses to easily deliver, manage and report on blended learning across complex franchise groups or dealer networks.

Since first creating eLearning for Ford Motor Co in the late 1980s, we’ve worked on a variety of LMS and eLearning projects with leading Automotive manufacturers & dealer networks, the major Automotive parts specialists, and Automotive finance & insurance companies, using our vast expertise to help them meet KPI’s and specific learning objectives.

glo™ learn reviews on eLearning Industry

Driving engagement at Kia with a gamified reward system

Looking to incentivise training and promote a continuous learning culture, we worked with our glo™ enterprise client, Kia UK, to launch their new ‘Power Up’ programme.

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Digitally transforming Jardine Motors’ learning to meet compliance regulations

Favouring the gamified features and user-friendly interface, Jardine Motors Group chose glo™ learn LMS to transform their learning delivery from face-to-face learning to a more flexible, learner-led approach.

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Delivering a new CPD evidence tool for the RAC

As a breakdown service, the RAC needed to document that each employee had completed 15 hours of Finance and Insurance CPD training.

Delivered via our glo™ learn LMS, this new digital learning tool showed learners the amount of CPD hours completed and allowed the RAC to evidence that employees were doing their mandatory compliance learning as per the industry regulations.

But our work with RAC hasn’t stopped there…

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