5 ways Learning Manager glo™ will save you money

16th Aug 2013

Organisations are tasked with training challenges which require stretching a small budget to administrate, manage, schedule and deliver training to the whole company and generate an impressive ROI. The idea of implementing a Learning Management System can be terrifying for a small or medium business as it can take up a lot of an already tight budget, but you are likely to find that any costs of your LMS will soon be accounted for when you see your ROI after the uptake of learning goes through the roof, and the elimination of all printing costs in your training department.

Here are 5 ways in which glo will save you money:

Reduced administration time: The uptake and delivery of training substantially increases without having to extend your L&D department. Administrators are able to manage, schedule and deliver courses via the central LMS platform, enabling them to spend less time organising training manually and more time focusing on the business strategy.

Less travelling away from the workplace: The LMS enables learners to complete their training online by participating in eLearning courses, webinars, third party resources and the social platform as well as in the classroom. This means less time is required to be spent travelling to instructor led courses and less money is spent paying for classrooms, transport, accommodation, and of course the costs of taking learners out of work for a period of time.

Reduced printing costs: Online learning only requires a computer (for both learners and administrators!), which most workers have access to in the work place and at home, and instructor led courses require a tablet. The initial investment in the devices may be costly, but it is soon accounted for by saving on the costs of printing notebooks, textbooks and all the paperwork otherwise required to complete the administration of training and completion of learning.

No costs for hardware and software with a cloud based system: The cost of servers, networking equipment, software upgrades and licence fees (including the space to house them and power to run them) can double the cost of the whole system throughout the year. With a SaaS/Cloud based system, all these costs are eliminated.

More control over attendance & cancellation: Managers can be set up to receive notifications regarding their employees’ attendance to courses. The courses can also be given a minimum number of attendees, which can cancel the class if the number is not met, and a cancellation date after which learners cannot drop out of the class. This results in less wasted resources and also enables manages to observe their learners’ attendance and progress.

About the author
Barry Samson

Barry Sampson is a consultant focusing on the use of technology to improve workplace performance. In 2009 he co-founded Onlignment, a consultancy specialising in organisational communication and learning. Previously he worked in a range of delivery and management roles in HR and Learning & Development before becoming Learning Technology Manager at B&Q where he led a number of award-winning elearning and blended learning programmes.

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