30th Sep 2013

Companies with a strong community of workers understand that starting a new job is both exciting and daunting, and that introducing new employees to the business with an effective onboarding course can help to ease any anxieties.

Before the first day of work, new hires will be in a great mind-set to be presented with important information about the company, including short and long objectives, as well as general facts, history and achievements. More importantly, however, they will be eager to know why they have been chosen and what is expected from them personally within their role at the company. They will want to know how they can add value to their team and to the company as a whole, and turn up on the first day with confidence that their skills are going to be put to good use.

Learning Manager glo™ provides a comprehensive onboarding platform for learners to complete all the necessary training they need prior to their first official day of work. During onboarding, new employees are able to take their own initiative to find out more about the company, as well as completing compulsory compliance training and other targeted and relevant role based learning.

Managers and administrators can also use the system to get an early insight into the skills and capabilities of new hires. Reports can be created to analyse all onboarding activity and give an indication of employees' abilities, which can be used to target areas in need of improvement and highlight ways in which individuals can provide significant value. The process enables new hires to take in a large quantity of information in a short period of time so they can approach their jobs with confidence, motivation and efficiency right from the start.