Introducing digital training for Hampshire’s voluntary social care workers

Looking for a more cost-effective way of delivering learning, Digits transformed Hampshire County Councils face-to-face training workshops into interactive eLearning modules.


PaCT (Partnership in Care Training) are a team in the Adults’ Health and Care department of Hampshire County Council who provide training to its in-house provider services and for the private and voluntary adult social care providers in the Hampshire area.

Due to efficiency reductions in workforce and resources, PaCT needed to develop a way in which they could maintain their delivery of quality training with less budget. Their current methods of predominantly face to face training heavily relied upon staff and time, which was a cost heavy solution.

The Project

Digits became involved to transform the delivery of three pre-existing face to face courses into eLearning modules, in the areas of:-

Infection Control
Food Safety

Embracing efficiencies and finding alternative high-quality training assets via rich media was the aim for this project. Alongside this and as equally important was taking this opportunity to allow this new method of training delivery really have a “wow” factor, to capture the employee’s attention, engage and inspire them. Training of this nature had (as is so often the case) been renowned for being arduous and boring.

PaCT’s eLearning modules needed to ensure their use of imagery, voiceover and interactive scenarios created an engaging approach, as well as matching the message and tone of existing training content, which would continue to be delivered alongside the eLearning in a classroom environment.

In terms of learning delivery, to ensure effective absorption of the messages “real-world” rich media scenarios would connect with the learner and give the best results.

It was also key that the learning was not only easy to use but in keeping and seamless with the suite of existing training.

Due to the modules being predominantly compliance/health and safety based content, it was also a desirable achievement too that they be as enjoyable as possible – to help a culture change of dispelling the myth that all H&S training is ‘boring’.

Technically the delivery had to be flexible and compatible.  PaCT’s modules were hosted by Moodle and delivered via the authoring tool articulate. Our solution must compliment and function hand in hand with both these systems in order to be successful.

Our solution not only had to deliver effective content, in an easily absorbed way it needed to be fun, engaging and real. It needed to resonate with the learners, communicate the importance of the material and motivate them to learn.

The Solution

We base our ‘Brilliantly Simply’ learning on a proven 3 step approach, which is best practice of how adults learn.  The PaCT eLearning modules were designed using these basic principles as their backbone;

  1. Introduce the subject – so the learner can see how the topic or section fits into the overall context of the eLearning programme.  It allows them to identify what and when they will learn, the expectations of them and helps motivate.  The realisation of the training’s importance value should come from more than the training simply saying, “this is important training”, it has to be self-evidently so.
  2. Provide the information – present the facts and concepts in an interesting and informative way that encourages learning and knowledge retention, nurturing a culture of life-long learners and loyal employees.
  3. Consolidate the information – reinforces and reviews the learning, allowing the learner to absorb the key messages in the context of their working environment with the aim of them relating and achieving the final assessment pass.

The learning content was then brought to life through design elements including storyboards and creative concepts which sliced content into bitesize, creative concept sections.

Engaging instructional design was then overlaid. Using an array of graphics, games and activities complimented by friendly, focused scripts, ensured effective absorption of the learning messages.

A fully blended and “real-world” experience was further achieved by using actual PaCT employees within video clips (filmed and produced by Digits), giving visually impactful connection via the live application of the learning in their working environment.

Meeting the needs and goals of this eLearning project was only achievable through the unique features of our award-winning learning platform glo™ (hyperlink to glo™ page), giving us the right tools to deliver:-

  • Flexibility of approach meant glo™ not only makes our solution bespoke to the clients’ learning need, but also fits to their current system (Moodle)
  • completely customisable user interfaces allowed a bespoke PaCT ‘look and feel’ that was in-keeping with the rest of their training suite.
  • Easily uploaded, blended learning ensured no existing training assets were left out, maximising efficiencies
  • Rich media content delivery worked hand in hand with articulate and Digits’ expertise stripped out generic functionality replacing it with custom scripts and design.

In addition to these functional capabilities, the sourcing of an expert in the field for the scrip writing made the content we produced authentic, meaningful and in context adding again to the value proposition and memorable learning.

Project Outcomes

Overall outcome was the “wow” factor PaCT were looking for.  Roll out was successful and take up has shown we have already had staff completing the eLearning within the first week of go live and are very confident that we will hit our compliance target on time.

“It has been such a pleasure working with Digits and we are really happy with our outcome. For us, the transformation in our learning delivery has surpassed our expectation – it really had the “wow” factor for our users and has given us the capabilities we wanted – flexible, customised yet easy to use and maintain.”

Germaine Kent

Workforce Development Advisor for PaCT