Lane4 Interview

Using Digits' unique visual learning journeys, Lane4 could easily upskill their workforce on a global scale.


Lane4 are a management consultancy company focusing on employee performance. Their services include talent management, leadership & team development and internal comms strategies, developing blended programmes that include video, workshops and eLearning.

With the business continuing to grow, it became a necessity to deliver their services on a global scale. Originally, the UK based team would contact the global team members via the phone to inform them of how to deliver training for clients. As the business continued to thrive, having the internal capacity and resources to do this was becoming increasingly difficult.

Consequently, Lane4 we’re looking for a digital solution to more simply upskill their workforce, using bite-sized content and a platform to easily access all their online learning.

Find out how Lane4 were able to achieve this by creating a performance learning journey on Digits LMS.