Onboarding transformation with Visual Learning Journeys for B&Q

Discover how B&Q enhanced their onboarding process with our unique Visual Learning Journeys from glo™ learn.


B&Q approached Digits to create a visually engaging, onboarding portal for new starters, to replace the existing portal. The new portal needed to house the existing information for store colleagues, as well as providing an Induction portal to allow new starters to view useful information to help them in their new role, understand more about the company they are joining and complete some mandatory learning. The results need to be tracked and reported at a store management level.

Digits were pleased to be selected as a preferred eLearning provider for B&Q, a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, working on a number of separate eLearning projects over the past year.

As part of the existing mechanisms, B&Q we able to deliver eLearning internally via their legacy AICC learning platform and externally, as web based information, via the B&Q learning portal. The latter provided links to various sources, as well as web page content, none of which was personalised or tracked.

The Solution

Using our Learning Platform – glo™, we provided a customised interface, focussed on easy and engaging access to Induction information.

Friendly faces and voices, bite size text, easy-to-consume information and welcoming videos all form essential parts of our distinctive visual learning journey style.

A number of visual Learning Journeys were created, tailoring learning and information to different Retail and Head office teams.

The Retail Journeys have been designed to reflect the journey to starting at a B&Q store, represented as a street that shows how B&Q is involved in the customer’s lives, the community and its commitment to the environment.

Once on-boarding is complete, the employee steps to the next level of the journey to find out more indepth information.

For Store colleagues, this provides access to further information represented as a floor plan of the inside of a typical B&Q store.

The Benefits

  • 9000 colleagues registered on the portal Year 1, over 2000 of these are new starters.
  • 73% of people gave the Induction Journey 5 Stars and rated it ‘very easy to register and use’. Given the diverse age range and IT abilities of employees at B&Q, this is a great success
  • 94% of people believed the Induction journey prepared them for work
  • 87% of new starters surveyed completed their Induction Journey voluntarily from home before they even started work.

“We are so impressed with the capabilities visual learning journeys give us. Being tailored to our business they have delivered our requirements quickly and seamlessly, driving real results. Using visual learning journeys to on-board new employees and colleagues is now an integral part of our L&D offer. Overall it delivers exactly what we hoped for and the potential for learning journeys to grow with us is exactly what we’d look for in the fast-paced business we are in.”

Nikkie Pullen

Retail L&D Manager for B&Q