Transforming employee induction training for Vaultex

Learn how we digitally transformed Vaultex's induction process to improve consistency across the business.


Vaultex, the UK’s leading cash processor, is dedicated to training and developing their employees. In 2015, Digits and Vaultex worked together to successfully implement a learning platform and have established a strong partnership ever since. With the ethos that ‘people count’ in mind, Vaultex approached us with a new challenge – transforming their induction process for new starters.

New starters would traditionally complete a two-day face-to-face course. This meant arranging an instructor, classroom, and start date well in advance and, where necessary altering shift patterns to accommodate the essential induction training.

Across each of the 16 sites in the UK, Vaultex’s trainers adopt diverse styles and teaching techniques. Vaultex intended to find a solution which removed this element of inconsistency in the induction process.

As well as this, Vaultex sought a way to prepare and ease employees into their first day in the business. This was triggered by the necessary high levels of security, which may have seemed overwhelming to those feeling nervous when starting a new job.

An additional requirement stemmed from Vaultex’s strong internal culture – a friendly and open environment where everyone is listened to. Vaultex’s CEO would make every effort to welcome staff during the induction and did not want to lose this personal touch; it would somehow have to be transferred into the digital induction journey.

The Solution

Using journey builder, we created an intuitive and engaging way for learners to progress through a series of blended learning activities. We customised the ‘guide’ journey style to match Vaultex’s brand and now each new starter has an induction journey dependent on their role and location.

In order to meet Vaultex’s requirements, we divided the induction into three steps:

  1. Pre-boarding – Acting as a bridge between the job offer and his/her start date, pre-boarding offers the employee helpful information about the building facilities and the local area. There are lots of unknowns for new employees, especially what they can expect on their first day at a security-conscious company, but this step means everything can be made clear before day one. Vital training and form filling can be completed in the employees own time so they are ready to start the job sooner. We have developed the system to guarantee this phase is accomplished before moving to the following stage.
  2. Day 1- The second stage of the induction journey is comprised of security and compliance training, which is compulsory in the financial industry. This on the first day in the business.
  3. Week 1 – The third element of the induction is spread across his/her first week at work. This ensures a blended approach as the employee can train and work at the same time – applying what they have learnt to the real world. New employees can rapidly become overloaded with information but by merging the training and the real-world job, productivity and staff happiness should flourish.

Journey builder harnesses the functionality within Digits LMS, allowing complex rules and notifications to be triggered as part of the journey progress. We ensured that a manager is notified when a personal review is required.

The Benefits

Having successfully met the fixed deadline on March 2015, we launched Vaultex’s induction journey and the benefits are already being noticed:

Time. The two-day face to face induction process has been removed. This has meant that instructors are able to focus their skills in other areas and new starters no longer have to wait for classroom availability. Additionally, by completing necessary tasks in the pre-boarding stage, the new starter can begin the job sooner.

Consistency. With the elimination of classroom-based training, the inconsistency between different teaching styles is no longer an issue. The induction content is carefully put together and can be updated when necessary. Key objectives and actionable items have been set so managers can monitor progression.

Familiarisation. New starters can complete the pre-boarding course before their start date; they enter their new job feeling familiarised with the building and surroundings.

Flexibility. The induction journey is easy to access anywhere and anytime. Employees can complete tasks their own time and have the option to revisit knowledge at no extra charge.

Company values. Vaultex’s company values are portrayed from an early stage. A video from the CEO is included in the initial phase to reflect the company ethos and maintain a personal touch. Vaultex have already received positive feedback from users:

“The pre/on boarding has been first class, having been working on a similar project for a slightly smaller organisation our outputs were nowhere near as engaging as this. From the first time I logged on to the pre boarding it gave me a feel for the values of the business and made me want to get through the door as soon as possible.”

“Vaultex on line training site is excellent and has given me further insight into the company. It does appear to offer an excellent career opportunity and is clearly a company that cares about its employees and offers excellent working conditions and benefits.”

We are really proud of the work we have done with Vaultex and look forward to continuing our relationship on future projects.