Transforming Jardine’s learning delivery to drive compliance & learning engagement

Discover how Jardine Motors digitally transformed their learning to more simply meet mandatory compliance regulations with our glo™ learn LMS.


Jardine Motors are a leading automotive franchise group representing 19 manufacturers across 68 UK-based locations. With over 3,000 employees and dealerships located in the UK, delivering a commercially viable learning strategy across the entire group could be a challenge.

Historically, Jardine Motors were heavily reliant on face-to-face training which impacted on the speed of training and amount of training they could deliver due to the resources and expense of having multiple employees out at once. In addition, having dealerships at various locations across the UK made arranging and delivering workshop-based learning difficult, as well as it restricting learning to a designated time and place frame instead of giving employees the freedom to learn at their own convenience.

Equally, for their existing eLearning they were using multiple providers, which upon review they found was actually a costly and less efficient solution as it didn’t allow them to report on the training that had been delivered or monitor completion for compliance learning.

Consequently, Jardine decided to look for a Learning Management System (LMS) to unify their learning delivery and create a more flexible learning approach that suits the modern way of working.


After putting out a tender for a new Learning Management System, Jardine selected Digits as their digital learning provider, favouring glo™ learn’s user-friendly, engaging interface and unique gamified features above the competitors.

When implementing their new LMS, they initially launched to around 600 users within their organisation, slowly introducing our glo™ library modules that tied into events that occurred within the business. For instance, during health and well-being week they awarded double points for any related courses being completed.


In April, Jardine distributed OLI (Online Learning Innovation) to the remaining workforce of over 3,000 employees, with an initial focus on compliance learning.

Prior to having their LMS, it was difficult to make employees aware of any learning within their organisation. However, now with their LMS, they can send out regular email campaigns informing employees of what’s new with Oli, Top 5 modules and what’s coming in the future to direct people to the learning platform.

To keep people engaged with the platform, Jardine update the homepage layout fortnightly using the content management capabilities to show latest news and eLearning modules. By the end of June, all of Jardine’s employees were required to complete a refresher on GDPR to meet compliance regulations and using the content management features, they were able to remind users to do their GDPR learning on the homepage. Following this, Jardine had 94% of their employee’s login and had 1200 users login daily, with over 2444 compliance modules courses being completed.

Not only do Jardine love the ability to customise their different pages, the reporting functionality has been indispensable to their business. Particularly useful in the Automotive Industry, our dynamic dashboards give Jardine a visual overview of learning progression across their different dealerships, as well as providing each individual dealership with vital learning data. For a more detailed understanding, our reports document compliance and can identify any non-compliant divisions, dealerships, teams or individual.

In addition to making it easier for dealerships to report on learning, Jardine have been able to create a one-of-a-kind gamified learning experience for users with Visual Learning Journeys and by creating custom badges for course completions, rewarding achievement with points and placing colleagues on a leaderboard for a bit of friendly competition.

The gamification features available with glo™ learn acted as incentives to encourage Jardine employees to login and do more learning. In forming a more engaging experience for users, Jardine have seen a total of 524 days learning completed so far (a mixture of both eLearning and workshops), even overhearing conversations between employees about trying to outdo each other on the leaderboard.


After the successful launch of Oli and having originally focused more on compliance learning, Jardine plan on rolling out learning in different areas as well as compliance using their LMS. In the future, Jardine will be looking into potentially using their Learning Management System to identify any skills gaps and to refine their review process to enhance business productivity.

“Digits are always willing and readily available to look at something to help make delivering learning more efficient. The platform continues to evolve all the time and there’s always a new feature that gets us talking”

Bradley Burgoyne

Head of Academy and Learning Development