The system is designed to be intelligent and allows individual Patrols to upload ideas and suggestions on fixes, as they discover them. Automotive manufacturers are also involved in the system, facilitating the broadcast of technical bulletins or recall information.

By combining bespoke application components with Digits’ Content Manager CMS, RAC is able to provide a knowledge-sharing platform that allows centralised control of content, whilst allowing all Patrols to contribute new information.

Digits’ Learning Management System has been integrated into the latest iteration of the Roadside Browser, to allow training to be delivered to Patrols between call outs, seamlessly through the same platform.

Key facts about the Roadside Browser solution

  • UK wide, bespoke ‘Roadside Browser’ application
  • Centralised Content Management System
  • Integrated Learning Management System & Messaging facility
  • Powerful real-time reporting, directly exporting to Microsoft Excel
  • Dedicated server hosting for the end-to-end solution