Compliance eLearning: Essentials compliance pack

Pack includes

+ Anti-money laundering

Learn how to comply with financial regulations and enhance your organisation’s understanding of money laundering. This course covers key topics such as legal requirements and how to identify suspicious transactions

+ Bribery Act

This course provides businesses with a practical and user-friendly resource to understand their obligations under the Bribery Act, offering clear guidance and real-life scenarios to enhance learning

+ Modern Slavery Act

UK legislation requires organisations to publish annual statements and take necessary steps to prevent human rights violations. This course will equip learners with knowledge of their legal responsibilities, as well as how to identify red flags and comply with reporting requirements

+ Information security smart

Learners will gain an understanding of the importance of information security and data protection, including how to avoid breaches, protect assets, comply with the law and manage risks from external threats

+ Health and safety

This course consists of three units covering organisational safety policies, roles and responsibilities, risk management and assessment, fire hazards, safety features and evacuation procedures

+ Whistleblowing training

Enhance awareness and understanding of whistleblowing regulations and obligations in this comprehensive course. It covers the importance of whistleblowing, adherence to regulations, consequences of non-compliance and real-life examples, allowing learners to test their knowledge as they go along

+ Bullying and harassment

This online equality and diversity course explores the significance of bullying and harassment in the workplace, addressing its impact on individuals and organisations, how to reduce it and an overview of relevant legislation. Two versions of this course are available: one for staff, and one for managers

+ Equality, diversity and inclusion

This course provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of diversity, equality and equal opportunities, from stereotyping, harassment and bias to legal liability and how to challenge unacceptable behaviour

+ Sexual harassment

This course equips staff with the knowledge and tools to recognise, report and address sexual harassment in the workplace

+ Mental health at work

This course aims to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace. By the end of this module, learners will be able to understand common causes of mental unwellness, implement a better work/life balance, and identify negative thought patterns and how to challenge them

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