Diversity eLearning: Diversity microlearning pack

Pack includes

+ Disability

This course will equip managers and staff with a solid understanding of disability issues, including legal responsibilities, disclosure, reasonable adjustments and the role of occupational health services

+ Families

This course addresses family-related issues, including exploring several types of families, understanding how family dynamics can impact the workplace, and effective communication about families


A course on LGBTQ+-related issues, covering topics such as gender identity, sexuality and fostering allyship within the LGBTQ+ community

+ Age

This concise and informative course covers age-related issues, including the manifestation of ageism in the workplace and managing generational differences

+ Working across cultures

This module explores effective communication channels and strategies for working across diverse cultures to foster a fully inclusive workplace

+ Gender equality at work

Addresses the persistent issue of unequal workplaces experienced by many women, delving into the underlying reasons for gender inequality, and offering strategies to challenge sexism, discrimination and harassment

+ Neurodiversity

Provides managers and staff with essential knowledge on topics including hiring practices, legal considerations and practical support

+ Menopause

Raises awareness and teaches employers how to provide the necessary assistance to employees going through menopause, with the hopes of improving staff retention, motivation and happiness

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