Save the planet. Learn digital.

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As well as being the new normal following the Coronavirus outbreak, online learning is saving the planet by reducing CO2 emissions. We could help to save the planet if we continue to learn digital.

Reduce the need to travel

When attending a face to face workshop, learners will most likely; drive, catch a taxi or a train to the venue or may even fly. According to an article by the BBC; in the UK the transport sector is now responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than any other sector. Also, globally, transport accounts for around a quarter of CO2 emissions. Now, multiply one learners’ journey by the number of attendees and the trainers – that’s a lot of travel!

Eco – Venues

Venues are often heated in the winter or in the summer they will have the air conditioning on, while you sit at home there is nothing to tell you not to pop on your dressing gown if your home office gets a bit chilly. Also, if lunch is provided at a venue, the transportation of ingredients and the gas/electricity needed to cook your food all adds up.

However, if you cant find a way around a face to face meeting, there are a few hidden gem venues in the UK that claim to be eco-friendly. For example: Sheepdrove in Berkshire, but you will need to work out the most economic way of travelling and the eco-friendly venues tend to come at a cost!

Switch to Digital Resources, Handouts and Paper

Flip-charts and handouts that will not make it back to the office may end up being wasted. Certificates are often placed in a desk drawer, only to be seen when an office spring clean occurs. Having these resources digitally will ensure that each learner has access to them easily, anytime and anywhere.

But does online training really work?

One of the key subjects of Corporate Social Responsibility that all workplaces should follow and communicate is sustainability. A study by the university of Oxford found that on average digital learning involved 90% less energy consumption and an incredible 85% drop in CO2 emissions per student.

Using virtual meeting tools and short courses and assessments, will eliminate the need for travel, venue, paper. In turn reducing those nasty CO2 emissions. Save the planet. Learn digital.

How can you achieve learning effectively without using Face to Face training?

You could use a programme of courses in your LMS. This way, your learners will be able to follow a structured pathway to up-skill in a subject, for example; management and leadership.

With gloTM learn, your learners can use the following structure within the LMS:

  • Watch videos and complete short courses before booking onto a virtual workshop.
  • On the Virtual workshop, learners can communicate with trainers and other attendees as they would do, face to face, in a comfortable environment and with less distractions.
  • Following this, they can have access to an online group where they can stay in touch with the people they met virtually as they continue their way through the rest of the Management and Leadership programme.
  • Once they have reached the end of the programme, they could receive an online badge and a certificate that they can print at home if you want to.
  • Everyone’s progress will be logged and you will be able to report on the programme as a whole and the individuals assigned to it.

All of this can be completed virtually, meaning learners can complete the pre and post webinar courses in their own time and focus on retaining the information they need.

To find more about delivering your learning online and our eLearning bundles, get in touch today!

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