As an administrator, you are in control of what groups are available and to whom. Learners then choose whether to join the groups that are available to them.

The members of the group can message each other and support each other with day to day queries or queries relating to the courses they have attended and completed, sharing insights and openly discussing subjects amongst the group.

Knowledge Base Articles

Your dedicated knowledge base “Blogger” will be able to upload knowledge base articles to your system that learners can search for or you can pin to your homepage for all to see!

This allows your learners to take a break from eLearning modules and browse through articles that interest them. Reward points can be switched on so that learners can be rewarded for reading articles.

Coaching and Mentoring

Learners can put themselves forward as Mentors by tagging their skills and offering themselves as a coach for those who are struggling in their area of expertise.

As a mentee, you can tag the skills areas where you fee you need assistance and the glo learn system will match you up with a Mentor. You can then book virtual or face to face meetings with your mentor through the system.