On-demand webinar: how Jardine Motors are using e-learning to support their employees during Covid-19

Maryam Munir /
eLearning, LMS

Watch our webinar now to hear from Charlotte Bull and Bradley Burgoyne

From changes to processes to furloughing staff, the pandemic hit every industry hard in 2020, including the automotive industry. For Jardine Motors Group – winner of the best learning and development strategy award at the 2020 HR Excellence awards – the pandemic resulted in many challenges which they managed to overcome with the help of a flexible LMS.

In this on-demand webinar, Charlotte Bull – customer experience specialist at Digits –joined by Bradley Burgoyne, head of talent at Jardine Motors Group, to discuss how the Digits Enterprise LMS supported Jardine Motors in 2020.

The webinar covered:

  • How the LMS was pivotal to change management
  • The impact of the LMS on project delivery
  • How the LMS supports employees
  • Using an LMS to go further with L&D in 2021

Watch the webinar below.

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On-demand webinar: how Jardine Motors are using e-learning to support their employees during Covid-19

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