Management microlearning courses: The manager’s toolkit microlearning pack

Pack includes

+ Communication

This module provides you with the necessary tools to enhance your communication skills and manage your communications with both colleagues and clients effectively

+ Defining management

This course will teach you how to excel as a manager by defining your role, meeting organisational objectives, exhibiting effective leadership, influencing and developing a motivated team, honing people management skills, prioritising personal development, maintaining professional relationships and setting a positive example for your team

+ Equality and diversity

Promoting equality and diversity within organisations is vital for success. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that diversity is fostered and celebrated within teams while avoiding conflict

+ Recruitment and selection

Gives learners a comprehensive understanding of recruitment and selection, equipping them with guidance on everything from reasonable adjustments and data protection to eliminating bias

+ Time management

Effective time management is crucial for maximising productivity and reducing stress. Learn how to actively plan, prioritise tasks, delegate effectively, manage distractions and develop personalised techniques

+ Discipline and grievance

Good managers must be able to handle tricky situations. This course will teach you how to tackle difficult cases, whether it’s an employee grievance or a disciplinary issue with a team member

+ Managing absence

This course will teach you how to achieve organisational success by effectively managing absences within your team

+ Managing budgets

Learn how to effectively manage the budget you are allocated

+ Managing teams

Learn how to maximise your success as a team manager through effective leadership, utilising your people skills, seeking guidance when needed and continuously developing your abilities to enhance team performance and achieve personal growth

+ Staff induction

This course highlights the importance and value of effective staff induction, including guidance on conducting the process and identifying your responsibilities as a line manager

+ Performance reviews

How to conduct the best possible performance reviews for your team

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