A Journey to B&Q

22nd July 2015

Digits have been lucky enough to work with B&Q, a British multinational DIY and home improvement retailing company, on a number of separate eLearning projects this year.

Recently, B&Q approached Digits to create a visually engaging on-boarding portal for new starters. The portal was designed to allow new starters to register before their first day to view useful information to help them in their new role and complete some videos and eLearning to understand more about the company they are joining.

A number of journeys were created, tailoring learning and information to different Retail and Head office teams. B&Q’s Learning Journeys were successfully launched in June 2015.

The Retail Journeys have been designed to reflect the journey to starting at a B&Q store, represented as a street that shows how B&Q is involved in the customer’s lives, the community and its commitment to the environment. Once on-boarding is complete the employee steps to the next level of the journey to find out more in depth information about products, represented as a floor plan of the inside of a typical B&Q store, with each different course having an obvious visual representation.

The journeys provide an engaging and simple way of presenting the learning and information to the varied audience of employees at B&Q.  Since implementing the Learning Journey, there has already been a reduction in the requirements for face to face training.  

We are very proud to be working with B&Q and are excited to continue developing a strong partnership.