Vaultex use Journey Builder to deliver new starter induction

19th May 2015

Making use of our visual Journey Builder, we are pleased to announce the launch of Vaultex’s new starter Induction Journey. 

Vaultex is the UK's leading cash processing company. They currently process circa 40% of the UK cash requirement. Their business is a challenging combination of factory operations and logistics, combined with highly complex Treasury, Financial, IT, Security and Consulting activities. Vaultex employs 2000+ people, across multiple sites in the UK. 

 Given the strict security procedures and employee vetting processes required for such a business, Vaultex’s new starters can wait several weeks to join the business and then would traditionally undergo a face to face, intense induction on their first week. Spread across the various UK sites, this process had several limitations, such as being time consuming in the first week, sometimes inconsistent and inflexible for shift workers. 

To overcome these challenges, the L&D team decided to implement a tailored online Induction Journey using our Visual Journey builder, which could deliver part of the learning as a pre-boarding stage and act as guide through day one, week one up to their 12 week review. 

 The Induction Journeys have been released across Vaultlex’s sites in the UK and offer employees a visually engaging and intuitive way to progress through a series of blended learning interventions. Designed to match the brand, each new starter now follows a personalised induction journey, dependent on their role/ location, providing no only essential learning, but also useful information about their new role, location and facilities in the area, to help support them in their career at Vaultex. 

Benefits have already been recognised – including the amount of time saved by the training team, the business and the employee. Inductions are now delivered in a consistent way, available at a time suitable to all locations and work shifts, with the flexibility to complete training and find out more before their official start date.

Read a more in depth case study about Vaultex’s Induction Journey now.