Driving Learning Through KPI Dashboards

10 Feb 2017

Kia was an early adopter of digital learning and for over 12 years now Digits have delivered their LMS which has been pivotal to driving not only learning performance throughout the business but also their dealers’ business standards.

As the world’s largest and fastest growing car manufacturer (with 190 UK dealerships and 4000 individuals on their learning management system), Kia pride themselves in their culture of quality and high standards, especially for their “Kia People”. From the outset, they came to us looking to instigate a step-change in the way they delivered training. They wanted to give their delegates maximum exposure to product features, benefits and technology so that they in turn could communicate and demonstrate this to their customers.

Fundamental elements for Kia were a highly effective system that gave cost saving and a user-friendly interface, as well as highly intelligent reporting. They wanted something simple, that could be added to over time, to grow with the business – exactly what Digits does best, Brilliantly Simple learning!


Digits transformed a series of Kia training into highly interactive, engaging eLearning modules which covered product, technical and customer service training amongst others. These modules were accessed by simple login and all linked to the learner’s individual development plan. Digits glo™ system was readily embraced by the Kia dealer network due to its engaging interfaces and fast, business friendly functionality. The ability to upload and update content simply allowed high value real-life content to be accessed quickly. Bite-size 2minute videos on new products/models gave sales personnel knowledge at their fingertips, which increased their confidence and ability to pass this on to customers.


Within Kia’s LMS Digits then created the bespoke reporting which monitored their critical business KPIs. KPIs included sales figures required to be sent to head office overseas, to compliance level training in dealerships, to the “Bronze/Silver/Gold Kia Standards” being achieved by their people. These KPI Dashboards gave exactly what was needed – highly effective tracking and visual, real-time display of business indicators to assisted high level decision making in L&D, sales and customer service. “there is a lot of emphasis on reporting on training as a measurement feature of the dealer standards programme, to be able to monitor these at a glance has been indispensable”.


Kia views their glo™ LMS as more than just that – it’s more than simply an LMS where you can book a course and do eLearning, it is for them an integral resource, a beating heart for their business which allows key dealer management and communication and distribution of training. For their learners, it is the “go-to” place for instant support and information for e.g. HR toolkits, Learning Development Programmes.

Digits glo™ LMS and dashboards have delivered huge business benefits for Kia. The self-service, self-lead approach has meant Kia has seen an increase in level of training delivery by 5 times, with L&D administration headcount staying the same – so glo™ LMS has managed to deliver 5 times more, but with the same admin and resource capability.

Kia are proud that their eLearning is now a mature, keenly tailored offering within their business which drives and monitors business standards and improves results. “We get great feedback from our dealers on the easy, friendly usability and features of the system. Especially the multi-franchise dealers where they have other brands they have training with – the feedback is our system is much more user friendly and engaging.”

“We are a people business and we found the people at Digits to be very flexible, very friendly, very approachable and very enthusiastic and determined to give us a system that really did meet our specific business requirements.”

Ian Goswell, Academy Manager, Kia Motors UK Ltd

About the author

Colin Bull is Managing Director of Digits and passionate about delivering creative and next generational learning solutions combining almost 30 years’ expertise in digital learning development.

Digits are proud to be the LMS and eLearning provider of choice for a cross section of prestigious global brands and SME’s alike.  We create ‘Brilliantly Simple' custom-made digital learning experiences that work in your world - personalised, gamified, engaging and effective.