Discover the benefits of an extended enterprise lms for corporates
Insights | May 5, 2022

Four practical benefits of extended enterprise LMS

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Training isn’t just for your employees. Here’s how offering digital learning programmes to your extended network can help your business meet its objectives more reliably

So, you’ve got a new product you’re about to launch. You want it to be a fantastic success, and you want to ensure your employees, customers, and partner vendors know exactly how this brilliant item or solution can be a great addition to their lives. But how can you do this effectively, and make sure everyone gets the same message in a way that suits each audience?

One way to do this is through training via an extended enterprise learning management system (LMS), which provides you with a way to present your brand (and your new product) in a way that’s tailored to the different groups you want to reach. Here, we’ll explore how Digits LMS can help boost your business and improve your relationship with key audiences.

The top four extended enterprise LMS benefits

Increased revenue

Drive brand affinity through better product adoption

Higher retention through education, support, and knowledge delivery

Suitable across a range of stakeholders


1. Increased revenue

Using an extended enterprise LMS within your business will not only encourage more sales but can also rapidly expand your brand. That’s because those people and brands connected to your organisation will have a better knowledge of your product or services, and/or be more closely aligned to your own company processes.

When searching for the best extended enterprise LMS for you, it will need to be accessible and allow you to easily create your content. This is so your online training isn’t limited to just your employees: your business doesn’t work in isolation, so why should your training?


By doing this, you will extend the effectiveness of those associated with your organisation plus offer better value to your customers. Using an extended enterprise LMS for online training will support your brand’s growth, leading to a higher rate of revenue.

Not only can you empower others to drive revenue for your organisation with an extended enterprise LMS, and train customers on how to use the product they’ve bought from you, but you can also save on costs. For instance, you can decrease training delivery costs by reusing those learning materials you already have – and removing instructor and travel costs. You could also create a new income by selling your training content and certifications.


2. Drive brand affinity through better product adoption

Choosing (and using) an extended enterprise LMS should have a positive impact on how – and how often – your audiences engage with your service or product, especially your customers.

Offering relevant, effective training will improve your customers’ experiences with your brand and product – adding a layer of value and competitive advantage. Through the extended enterprise LMS, you’ll be able to share with customers content that’ll help them get to grips with new products and features, troubleshoot issues, and take their use of your products to the next level.

Not only will this help them get the most out of your product or service – improving brand affinity and increasing retention – if your customers are more skilled in using your product, then you’ll probably receive fewer requests for additional support, too.

If you have partners within your business model, then offering your training on an extended enterprise LMS will help you to build a more committed and stronger network. This will support these employees to become involved with your product or service, your brand, and your processes – leading to this group being more invested in your organisation and its success.


3. Higher retention through education, support, and knowledge delivery

One of the reasons why a customer may not use your product is because they don’t know how to use it properly, or they don’t know how it can be incorporated into their lives. You may find that your brand and your product are negatively affected if you have customers who don’t understand the value of your product – so, to help reduce this, you can have your training available on an extended enterprise LMS.

Not only will this training inform customers about how a product can fit into their lives, but it can also demonstrate how they can benefit from using it – and, when someone can incorporate it into their daily routine, they will become a loyal customer. This knowledge will lead to a customer renewing subscriptions, repurchasing your items, and recommending your product to other people they know.

Using an extended enterprise LMS will boost customer satisfaction, too. It can help you to create a positive experience for this group, as they can then use your product without a lot of effort. The training you make available to customers on the platform will help them discover the benefits and solve any problems they may have. And, because this will be a positive interaction with your brand, customer satisfaction will improve.


4. Suitable across a range of stakeholders

All your stakeholders need to be trained , so everyone has the same knowledge, and everything works smoothly. It can be tricky to standardise this knowledge of your product or service once you expand beyond your internal employees so, with an extended enterprise LMS as part of your training model, you can keep everyone – within and outside of your organisation – up to date with the latest news and product information. When you have a new product or updated information, for example, then it’s easy for you to offer this consistent information using this platform.

You can also customise training for the different stakeholder groups you may work with. Although your business will need to offer standardised information, it should be packaged in different ways so you can meet the requirements of each group. You’ll identify this with, for instance, how you might present information about a product to a vendor compared with how you’d show it to new customers. Since an extended enterprise LMS has this option available, you can tailor your information to each target group – so you can achieve a greater return on investment, since these online training resources on the platform can be used depending on the user’s requirements.

Got an update? Not a problem: your extended enterprise LMS can be used to present this new information on updated products or new policies easily. Since your partners can keep up to date with changes swiftly, they’re in a better position to present your product or service – and help increase sales.


Eager to extend your enterprise learning?

If incorporating this solution into your organisation’s training model is something you want to do, you’ll want to find the best extended enterprise LMS for your business – and have one that matches the needs of your employees, vendors and customers.

Next on your to-do list will be to request a demonstration of Digits LMS, so you can accurately assess how Digits’ extended enterprise functionality meets your training requirements.


Written By Rosie Nicholas

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