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Products and services | July 19, 2022

The buyer’s guide to choosing the best LMS

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Boldly navigate the LMS procurement process — from comparing products and vendors to managing stakeholders — in our free buyer’s guide to choosing the best LMS

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A quick Google search of ‘learning management system’ generates about 1,570,000,000 results, but a slightly adjusted phrase — ‘best LMS’ — displays about a billion fewer results at 137,000,000.

There’s a major demand for top-quality learning platforms, and no shortage of vendors vying for your attention. If you’re in the market for a new (or better) learning management system, whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned procurer, our advice provides the guide rails to help you stay on track, within budget, and empowered to find the best tech for your organisation’s needs.

We’ve compiled the ultimate buyer’s guide for choosing the best LMS, drawing from decades of expertise and experience across our teams. No need to traipse through pages upon pages of Google results on your search — simply download our free guide to discover practical tips and recommendations to help you confidently navigate your search.


What’s in this offer?

Our 14-page PDF guide discusses three stages of procuring an LMS, with useful insights along each part of the process:


Back to basics: compiling your list of needs

  • Your main stakeholders, and how the right LMS will meet their needs
  • Setting up the goal posts – what does your LMS need to deliver?

Comparing the LMS vendor marketplace

Non-negotiable features for LMS success

  • Do you need an LMS or an LXP?
  • Your learning toolkit – the functionality you should look for

Simply download our free guide below for your copy of Digits’ LMS buyers guide.


Download LMS buyer’s guide



Beverley Da Silva

Beverley Da Silva

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