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Advice | March 11, 2021

Four ways L&D teams can make virtual learning a success for employees

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With the right tools and technology, employees can quickly and seamlessly carry out virtual learning

Remote working is here to stay – by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. For L&D teams, this means priorities may have to shift to focus more on virtual learning. According to recent research by Fosway Group – Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst – over 90% of organisations are now using virtual learning, 53% report virtual classrooms as their most successful learning platform during Covid-19, and 95% of learning professionals said that L&D will never be the same again.

With virtual learning undoubtedly on the rise in 2021, L&D teams need to ensure that this online method of learning is easy for all employees to follow, regardless of age, location, and their working environment –but how can L&D teams help make virtual learning a success for employees?


1. Give employees the right tools and technology

L&D teams must work alongside HR to ensure all employees have a good remote working setup, with recent technology that allows employees to access online learning content and materials quickly and seamlessly.

The technology that employees are working with must be easy to use to accommodate for the varying levels of technical knowledge within your organisation, and to save time from having to train employees up on how to use the technology.

One example of L&D technology is a learning management system (LMS). When searching for the right LMS, you must make sure it is easy to use – employees do not want to work with technology or any tools that hinder their ability to learn and work.


2. Encourage group interaction as well as individual learning

As employees can carry out virtual learning from the comfort of their own home, this can also contribute to increased feelings of loneliness when compared to learning with a group of people and being face-to-face with each other.

L&D teams must ensure that employees are happy to take part in virtual learning and voice their concerns if they don’t want to learn individually and prefer group learning.

Virtual breakout rooms during virtual learning sessions can also provide employees with the social interaction they may have been missing out on.

For those who do prefer to learn individually, L&D teams should make sure that one-to-one virtual learning experiences can be easily personalised for them, so that they can gain as much from the session as possible, in a way that is right for them.


3. Encourage employees to have an open mind

With any form of learning, employees should be confident and comfortable enough to ask questions in order to avoid confusion.

As a result, your L&D team should let employees know that they can ask them any question about the learning content or how virtual learning works, and you will do your best to answer their questions and support them where needed.

By encouraging employees to have an open mind and embrace virtual learning, you can help them become more engaged with content, and therefore broaden their knowledge and skills.


4. Make learner engagement your top priority

Engaged employees are more likely to commit to learning, but how can you ensure that employees are engaged when learning virtually?

Your L&D team should work closely with HR to ensure the workplace culture is one which encourages and facilitates continuous learning, and you should make sure the virtual learning that employees are being asked to carry out ties in with employees’ professional and personal objectives.

Only then will employees be motivated to embrace virtual learning instead of going through courses quickly in order to tick it off their to-do list.

While these four steps can help your L&D team make virtual learning a success for employees, you should remember that every employee is different, and they all learn in their own way. While some may easily embrace virtual learning, others may need more guidance from your team.


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Written By Maryam Munir

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