We are more than just an LMS provider...

Working in digital learning design and development for over 3 decades, we provide a range of digital learning services to meet your business needs. Whether it’s bespoke eLearning for your business, off-the-shelf courses for soft skills and compliance learning or consultancy to help form your learning strategy, we work with you as a trusted partner so you can deliver effective learning.

Bespoke eLearning

In addition to the off-the-shelf courses available with glo™ library, we create inspired, bespoke eLearning personalised to your business’s learning needs.

With a range of multi-media learning content available including video, animation, interactive workbooks and digital learning, teach your employees about your business’s specific products, processes and policies.

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We offer expert advice on eLearning projects and strategies, whatever your business need or size!

Whether you’re in the market for an LMS or require bespoke eLearning content, we don’t shy away from giving our honest opinion to help form practical L&D strategies and select solutions to meet your business objectives.

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Digital video production

Inspire your teams with engaging videos personalised to your business!

We have our own in-house video production facilities and more importantly, the team with over 25 years’ experience of producing high quality, corporate training and interactive video content.

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Software development

We are a creative company that works in the Digital World, so naturally, in our mind, we should have a strong software and network team that take care of the technical stuff.

Our team of skilled programmers and design masterminds, create innovative learning software that works for you.

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Specialist Hosting

We understand that our clients require a reliable, secure and responsive SaaS application and our hosting platform has been engineered to provide full 24/7 availability, security, scalability and guaranteed accessibility.

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