Engaging eLearning and interactive videos

In addition to our off-the-shelf courses, we create bespoke eLearning tailored to your businesses learning requirements. Innovative eLearning designed especially for you, teach employees about your organisation’s products, policies and processes.

Bespoke eLearning helps your team gain the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in your organisation, using personalisation and familiar scenarios to make learning relevant and more effective.

Digits have been developing engaging digital learning for over 30 years, using a blend of digital and real-world to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences.

Inductions & Compliance learning

Engage your new starters with all the essential business learning they need and get them up to speed quickly with eLearning tailored to your business.

Ensure staff continually meet compliance regulations with engaging eLearning, quizzes and reminders for annual refresher training.

Host your personalised induction or compliance eLearning content via our engaging Visual Learning Journeys, using the journey templates included with glo™ learn to create a one-of-a-kind learning process.

Product & Process Learning

Your products and processes are unique to your business. So, when there’s an instant need to train your teams on new products or changes, digital learning provides an ideal solution, giving you a platform to inform staff of these updates quickly and consistently.

Not only that, we use a combination of virtual environments, animation, gamification and interactivity to bring your products to life.

Software Simulation

When you need to get your team up to speed fast on a new software application, you may not always have access to the real product.

Software simulation eLearning can provide the next best thing, by delivering simulated scenarios to teach and challenge the user before they start using the application for real.

Customer Service

Customers are at the heart of every business. So, managing how your team interact with your customers and each other is vital to your business.

Whilst off-the-shelf courses provide a good insight into best practises for customer service, these do not reflect your business and its specific approach. Using bespoke eLearning, provide interactive scenarios and familiar environments personalised to your approach and drive the learning home.

Microlearning (Just-In-Time)

Sometimes you just want to quickly find a solution or how to do that one thing quickly, microlearning resources can be essential to solving problems rapidly.

Using bite-sized modules that capture all the essential information, drive engagement whilst increasing knowledge retention. For just-in-time learning, deliver mobile-friendly microlearning that can be accessed on the-move.

Interactive Video

Interactive video consists of both storytelling and scenario-based learning, placing you in the centre of the decision-making process.

As we often learn by doing, your actions drive the story, creating an interactive experience where you learn by seeing the consequences of your decisions.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning not only provides just-in-time access to digital learning resources, but allows you to blend the digital world and the real world.

Using the functionality available on a mobile device, we can combine learning content with on-the-job activities such as taking photo  evidence of learning being practised or QR codes that can scanned to reveal new information. These are just some of the many techniques we have used to deliver results for our clients.

Gamified Learning

Why not making learning an interactive experience?

Incorporating gamified features into your training encourages our natural desires to succeed (or not to fail) to kick in and reinforces our learning engagement by releasing those feel-good chemicals in the brain.