Digital learning content

Engage your learners
with bespoke and off-
the-shelf digital learning
content in Digits LMS

Whether you want to offer your people instant access to a broad range of content through off-the-shelf content libraries, or create your own bespoke training programmes and courses, Digits LMS can do it all.

We’ll work with you to figure out what’s right for your organisation, your people, your partners and customers. Our learning library partners offer instant access to engaging microlearning content on essential topics from digital skills to compliance and wellbeing, while our in-house learning experts are here to create bespoke courses that are tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

Combine the best off-the-shelf content and bespoke
training materials and activities in one place

Create themed learning hubs to organise
and share your learning content

Digits LMS can house a variety of content types, from audio to video, workbooks, courses and more

Upskill your people in the areas that matter most to your organisation

Digits has more than 30 years’ experience designing bespoke eLearning experiences

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Work with us to create the
right learning content for
your people

The expert team at Digits, part of the Ciphr Group, have more than 30 years’ experience creating bespoke content for enterprise clients such as Specsavers, B&Q, and Ikea. Engage and inform new starters with tailored induction and compliance eLearning, upskill staff with gamified product and process training, and develop your culture with customer service programmes.

Off-the-shelf content

Digits partners with leading off-the-shelf content
providers to offer you content libraries that are
fully integrated with Digits LMS.


More than 170 titles of 10-minute microlearning content

An effective way of providing engaging content on a broad range of subjects

Titles cover areas such as compliance, leadership, digital skills, wellbeing, and health and safety

Micro Learn

Microlearning content across a range of topics and sectors

Quick and easy way to engage people with learning

Packages include workplace and soft skills, compliance, cyber awareness, and mental health


High-quality health and safety and HR compliance training

Tailored for complex industries such as the education and care sectors

Titles cover topics such as health and safety, HR compliance, management, and care certificate courses

Simon Sez IT

Accessible software training for all staff

Ideal for people with specific IT development needs, especially around Microsoft products

Used by more than 600,000 students in 180 countries

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Digital Learning Content FAQs

Digital learning content is an effective way to deliver training — including compliance, regulatory, and, sometimes, voluntary training material. Digital learning content is a popular format thanks to its ease of use and comparatively lower cost to traditional training formats. It is typically stored, distributed, and monitored using a learning management system (LMS) or learner experience platform (LXP). Digital learning content plays a vital role in upskilling, training, and onboarding employees.

Broadly speaking, digital learning content is categorised into two types: ‘bespoke’ and ‘off-the-shelf’ (OTS). Bespoke learning content is custom-made, or at the very least tailored to the requirements of an organisation, whereas OTS content can be purchased as a ready-made training content type. Digital learning content from either of these two segments can further be sorted into ‘types’ including audio, video, documents, webinars, quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires.

Microlearning content describes shorter, more focused content that covers specific topics within a broader theme. Typically, microlearning content is delivered in on-the-job (OTJ) training modules – where the learner requires quick access to particular information. This can be especially helpful for learners who struggle with focus, have demanding schedules, or prefer to receive more targeted and relevant content as a ‘top up’ to existing training.

You can create learning content when working with a learning consultancy, or you can choose to buy ‘ready-made’ modules – known as off-the-shelf (OTS) content. The content is then uploaded into your LMS for your learners to enjoy. Learning content is typically created with a digital-first approach, and it can then be retrospectively translated to print and other mediums.

Yes. Digital learning content must be either SCORM (secure content object reference model) compliant or xAPI compliant. These two formats standardise the way content is displayed across learning platforms.

Digits offers bespoke and off-the-shelf digital learning content services to suit every training need – from health and safety and IT, to leadership, wellbeing, and digital skills development. With over three decades’ experience in creating digital learning content, we can help you ensure your employees stay compliant while helping you deliver learning content your workers truly enjoy.