“You guys do this as well?” asked one of our clients recently. The answer is Yes!.

We have our own in-house video production facilities and more importantly, the team with over 25 years’ experience of producing high quality, corporate training video content.

Video can be produced and delivered as ‘track’- able eLearning (SCORM wrapped) via glo™, embedded as content within an eLearning course or uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo for streaming to your audience on demand.

Interactive video

Back in the 80’s, video training was all the rage, from corporate video to interactive Laserdisc.

The problem arose as digital technology progressed, with the screen area reducing to almost indistinguishable postage stamp sized video, compressed to the point of pixilation. When the World moved onto the web in the early 90’s the era of true interactive video was put to an unsatisfying slumber and a new era of ‘elearning’ was the next big thing.

Video was too big to work on slower connections and most corporates ran a mile from clogging up corporate networks with video data, let alone the joy of getting old PCs to play video without stuttering or crashing.

Thankfully, video has evolved with the development of better compression, digital streaming and networks better designed for video content. With a generation that expects ‘video on demand’, interactive video that absorbs the learner and allows them to steer the storyline, has come full circle after 20 years.

Our production team truly understands the requirements for interactive video, having produced and directed over 300 interactive video training titles ‘back in the day’.