What is a Referral Partner?

Do your clients regularly ask you about an LMS but you don’t want to be involved with the technicalities and support? If so, our Referral programme could work for you!

As a Referral partner, simply recommend our learning platform to clients and earn an additional revenue, we’ll take care of the rest!

Why should you join?

Increase revenue

Simply introduce us to new prospects and with each sale earn additional income, all without having to be part of the sales, implementation and support process.

No ongoing costs

Help your clients by offering them a service to meet their needs without having to dedicate time and resources supporting the implementation.

Promote your business

By choosing to partner with us, we’ll add your logo to our partner page, providing extra opportunities for marketing and to reach new clientele.

Become a Referral Partner

Ready to start earning additional income with no extra work for your business?
Join our Referral partner programme!