What is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partner?

Want to add extra value to your services or product with a seamless LMS integration?

By leveraging the capabilities of our glo™ learn LMS with your own, create a unique and multi-purpose product or service that will help clients meet multiple business goals!

Why should you join?

Expand your market

Rather than solving one business problem, create a product that tackles multiple business challenges to increase sales opportunities.

Branded interface

Brand our LMS to your business, so you can deliver a unified service or product effortlessly, whilst focusing on customer experience.

Comprehensive training

Our customer experience team will provide you with expert training so your customers can utilise the LMS capabilities.

Become a VAR Partner

Want to integrate with our LMS to deliver a versatile product that meets multiple client needs?

As a VAR partner, we’ll create a personalised delivery and pricing model that benefits you.