Choose from our selection of glo™ learn packages

Pricing is for minimum user numbers, the higher the user numbers, the lower per user cost!

  • Suited to individuals & small teams
    Single user, per month
    Single User Fee for account manager with additional users added as team members. Up to 25 users= £6 pu/pm, Up to 50 users= £5.50 pu/pm, Up to 75 users=£5 pu/pm
    Additional users from £6 pu/pm
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    glo™ academy includes the following:
    • Fixed learning journeys
      Built-in compliance journey
    • Learning library
      glo™ library of 150 essential eLearning courses, journeys and recommendations from the skills advisor
    • Skills advisor
      Skills Advisor to recommend learning from the glo™ library catalogue
    • Mobile companion app
    • 1 level of user management
      Account holder access for team management
    • Personal & team compliance dashboards
    • Some gamified features
      Badge library
    • Standard completion reports
    • Fixed configuration
    • Account holder access to help files, tutorials & support portal
    • Fixed support package
      Set number of monthly support hours
  • Essential for small to medium businesses
    per user, per month
    Minimum 75 users Example: 250 users costs just £2.50 pu/pm Example: 500 users costs just £1.85 pu/pm Example; Over 1000 users costs less than £1 pu/pm
    Higher user numbers, lower fees
    free trial
    Everything in glo™ academy, plus:
    • Multiple learning journey templates
      Built-in induction, compliance & glo™ library journeys and access to the badge/journey library
    • Assessment builder
    • Upload courses
      Upload and manage SCORM courses
    • Content management
      Pre-configured portal with CMS and widget library (quick access to regular admin functions, information & tasks).
    • 7 levels of team management
      Manage organisation / Manage starters & leavers / GDPR functions
    • 7 security access levels
      Security Access Levels: System Adminstrator, Administrator, Trainer, Line Manager, User and Anonymous
    • Analysis dashboards
    • Gamified features
      Badges, points and leaderboards
    • Additional standard & team reports
    • Basic branding
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Administrator training
      1.5 days administrator training
  • Perfect for blended learning delivery
    per module/user/month
    Fees are charged per additional module per user on a glo™ learn package. Example: 400 users with added glo™ classroom module costs just £2.40 pu/pm.
    Requires glo™ learn package
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    Everything in glo™ learn, plus:
    • glo™ classroom
      • Review booking requests
      • Course management
      • Attendance dashboards and reports
    • glo™ skills
      • Recommended learning
      • View team results & reports
      • Assign questionnaires & evaluations
    • glo™ social
      • Forums
      • Training groups
      • Live chat
  • Designed for enterprises & custom requirements
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    Minimum 1000 users
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    Everything in glo™ learn and glo™ learn+, plus:
    • Unlimited levels of team management
    • Unlimited security access levels
    • Bespoke reports
    • Flexible configuration
      Flexible configuration of security access levels, roles, functionality workflows and organisation structure
    • Custom widget library
      Customisable with our widget library (quick access to regular admin functions, information and tasks).
    • Tailored support packages
      Flexible amount of hours to suit your needs
    • Advanced administrator training
      2.5 days administrator training
    • Dedicated account manager with quartely meetings

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