Develop your people, deliver your learning strategy

Deliver your full learning cycle, from induction and compliance to skills analysis and knowledge retention with dashboard reporting, allowing you to measure when you will see a return on investment. 

Follow our ‘ETA for ROI’  – our interpretation of the Fosway learning cycle - to see how glo™ learn can help you to develop your people.

Evaluate your competencies, skills and knowledge

glo™ learn provides real-time information to drive powerful decision making and identify, retain and develop employee talent, promoting long-term business growth.

  • A highly-detailed breakdown of individual competencies are captured with training needs analysis assessments and skills analysis tools that tailor development requirements.
  • Training gaps and goals are easily identified, and learning objectives set against business and training needs.
  • Upskilling and career progression can be tailored, making personal development plans more thorough and transparent.
  • Skills, performance and development can tracked and encouraged for use in coaching, mentoring and 1-2-1's.
  • Learners feel supported and valued, as their career paths are more defined and clearly linked to organisational performance.
  • Recruitment is more efficient, as exact skills gaps are identified.

Train your employees, engage your learners

Effective learning engages the learner with powerful content and memorable, intuitive interactions accessed via simple interfaces that inform them what you need to do and where they are in the learning process.

  • Visual Learning Journeys makes learning an engaging, gamified experience.
  • Structured learning plans deliver formal learning based on training needs.
  • Gamification features motivate the learner to earn points, badges and rank on leaderboards.
  • Notifications, reminders and links to other resources and support information aid the learning process and reaffirm success.
  • Progress indicators and To-Do lists inform you and what to do next.
  • With our free glo™ mobile companion app, you can learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Apply learning, analyse performance, award results

Ensure skills learnt in online learning are being practised in the workplace with next generation functionality to support your learners throughout their learning cycle.

  • Monitor performance with on-the-job courses to submit evidence and evaluate learning application
  • Deliver accreditation journeys to evaluate, refer new training requirements, with notifications and guidance
  • Analyse performance with personal reviews linked to objective setting
  • Award results with built-in certification and accreditation

Review or refresh learning, enable knowledge retention

Built-in tools give you the ability to remind, refresh and retain knowledge.

  • Reminder and notification functionality to encourage continual learning and ensure compliance regulations are met.
  • Create retention quizzes that reset learning based on results.
  • Comprehensive rules that alert when learning or compliance refreshers are required.
  • Drive self-led learning - quickly search and filter library content and resources.
  • Link and recommend additional resources to personalise learning journeys.
  • Encourage social learning with community groups, forums, knowledgebases and live chat.

Objectives can be measured with real time reporting and dashboards

glo™ learn not only delivers a complete blended learning experience for the learner, but also provides managers and administrators with intelligent dashboards and reports to measure progress or compliance.

  • Create customised dashboards to summarise results in a real-time, visual format for learner progress at every access level.
  • Dashboards provide powerful information to drive real business performance.
  • Take the stress out of KPI reporting, compliance and audit checks.
  • Schedule reports to key stakeholders for regular updates and to drive learning progress.

Inform your strategy and analyse investment in learning

Using the learning data gathered from the reports and customisable dashboards available with glo™ learn, make informed business decisions regarding your learning strategy.

Monitor employee learning and KPI's to get an accurate understanding of how your organsiation is performing and assess if any areas within the organisation still need developing.

It is more vital than ever before that your business is armed with the right learning delivery platform, with tools that deliver comprehensive information for you to make educated decisions regarding your future learning approach.