glo™ enterprise LMS

Whether you're looking to deploy an LMS, replace your current LMS or searching for a more bespoke learning portal, our Learning Management System glo™ enterprise delivers customised learning experiences that drive business performance and develop motivated, loyal learners.

glo™ enterprise combines all of the features and functionality of glo™ learn and the glo™ learn+ add-on modules into a complete digital learning platform to deliver your global learning cycle and engage your learners.

It is highly configurable, with flexible content management and course assignment options that allows you to tailor what the learner sees based on their role. Interfaces can also be customised to bespoke requirements, so the learning experience you deliver matches your strategy and business.

glo™ enterprise goes beyond a traditional Learning Management System. It's not a simple branded product with limited options, it's a fully featured, holistic, blended learning solution that can be tailored to meet your needs and deliver your full learning cycle*.

When you are looking for more than an "out of the box" system to deliver different learning programmes across a variety of audiences or to a globally spread organisation structure, glo™ enterprise delivers.

* the Learning Cycle - Fosway Group research on how technology can power individual learning.

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What can glo™ do for you?

As a learner

As a learner
  • Self-paced means learning at your speed, at a time you choose
  • Blended and bite sized learning means its engaging, varied, easy to digest and memorable with useful real-life scenarios and activities
  • Personalised so its specific to you and your role, with your complete personal development plan and training records and training opportunities all housed in the same place, giving you clear vision of career progression and opportunities
  • Available across all mobile devices on and offline, you can learn on the go and learn at a time that fits in with your life
  • Social network features mean you can contact your colleagues, as well as access essential and support information at the touch of a button, 24/7
  • Gamification features make it fun and interactive with leader boards and badges to compete with your colleagues

As a people manager

As a people manager
  • Easily uploadable content via a user friendly and customisable interface makes a perfect digital partner - seamlessly adopting your company 'look and feel' and existing content whilst being easy to administer
  • Personal Development Plans can be set for each colleague with targeted solutions to optimise the potential of each employee
  • Courses and resources are easily accessible, in one place and easily booked and assigned with all reminders and alerts
  • Real-time reporting, dashboards and review and performance tracking are all at your fingertips, aiding informed decision-making as well as identify training needs
  • KPIs are tracked to evaluate training and financial effectiveness as well as compliance levels
  • Mobile App notifications, Email and SMS reminder alerts can be set to manage deadlines and attendance, easing the administrative headache

As an organisation

As an organisation
  • glo's™ functionality gives automated and streamlined processes which can improve performance and reduce administration costs
  • Configured & customised system interfaces use familiar company terminology, making a seamless digital partner to your L&D team and enhance user-engagement
  • A consistent and professional approach to performance development plans and compliance - giving peace of mind for auditing and re-training schedules
  • Connectivity and signposting to other support information to help learners in their role, goes a long way to helping them understand how they are linked to organisational performance
  • The reminders and supportive links to resources and social connections with colleagues creates a culture of support and reaffirms to the learner their success is as important to you as it is to them
  • Dashboards and real time reports make instant and incisive decision making possible. Real-time reporting, feedback & resource allocation - course booking, information for managers on the go, interactive dashboards, automated notifications, feedback and performance management tools all provided improved ROI analysis and allow organisations to deliver cutting edge eLearning
  • Ultimately a "one system does all" interface, with social media and gamification features which develop collaboration and encourages communication between employers and employees, for better results and more empowered, loyal learners
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