"Success is a journey, not a destination.
The doing is often more important
than the outcome.”

Arthur Ashe

glo™ Learning Journeys

glo™ has the ability to create visually engaging Learning Journeys that deliver more than just a list of courses.

Through the use of a number of visual styles, glo™ is able to create dynamic Learning Journeys, to provide a simple, intuitive way for Learners to progress through a series of blended learning interventions. It can also connect to personalised information to help them in their new role and signpost to other useful resources.

Journey Builder delivers content through a visually engaging interface that can be custom designed to match your business and works ‘in your World’.

Combined with the ability to create and assign badges to learning, leader boards for sharing achievement using a range of criteria and the ability to deliver training across multiple graphical 'levels', glo™ provides a truly gamified LMS.

What our Customers Think

See what Nikkie Pullen, Learning & Development Manager for B&Q, has to say and how our visual learning journey transformed their induction process.


The ‘Route’ Learning Journey style provides a dynamic path that expands to meet the number of learning interventions required.

This style is suited to longer, linear journeys, where the Learner is required to complete learning in a specific order, such as Induction. Routes can be divided into levels to create gamification and separate learning into stages, such as pre-boarding, day one, week one, etc


The ‘Map’ Learning Journey style allows a fixed number of learning interventions to be plotted on a plan view, such as a treasure map or street map.

Learning follows various points and can be interspersed with rewards, such as achievement badges, useful resources, or to gain 'learning points'. The various locations are marked as 'complete', as the user progresses on their Learning Journey.


The ‘Guide’ Learning Journey style follows a page by page approach, guiding the Learner from one learning intervention to another, supported by a ‘Table of Contents’ to track progress.

This style is suited to a check list of activities, that can be attempted in any order and deliver tailored information based on the user’s role or work location.

Journey Builder harnesses the functionality within glo™, allowing complex rules and notifications to be triggered as part of the Journey progress, notifying managers when  a user has completed a stage or when a 1 to 1 intervention, such as a mentoring session, physical tour or personal review is required, delivering a truly blended approach to the Learning Journey.