Simply deliver, upload & manage your online learning

With over 150 essential learning courses included, our gamified glo™ learn LMS and Visual Learning Journeys get your online learning programmes up and running quickly at a low per user cost.

Starting from as little as 75 users, upload, deliver and track all your employee learning from compliance and induction to employee development, from one user-friendly platform.

Deliver an engaging learning experience

Motivate your learners with our gamified features! With the ability to unlock customised badges, win points and progress up the leader board, reward achievement and drive learner engagement.

Interactive learning pathways

Visual Learning Journeys

Our unique Visual Learning Journeys guide learners through a visual pathway, completing a series of blended learning activities which can be personalised to a job role, topic or business area. The journeys reward learner achievement by creating a gamified, interactive learning experience – motivating learners through earning badges and points, ranking their progress on a leader board.

Create your own personalised journeys or get started with complimentary learning journeys included in your glo™ learn package.

Make a great first impression on your new starters by providing an efficient and engaging onboarding process that delivers consistent information about your organisation.   glo™ learn screen showing induction learning journey on the Learning Management System

Meet your fundamental legislative requirements for all staff in basic compliance areas with a gamified compliance journey, annual refresher training and compliance dashboards. Compliance journey screen on Learning Management System, glo learn

The glo™ library journeys group our off-the-shelf eLearning modules into specific learning categories, focusing on developing a particular business area or skill. Learning library screen showing journeys from glo™ learn, Learning Management System

Upskill your workforce

Delivered with glo™ learn, our glo™ library features 160 off-the-shelf eLearning courses covering a comprehensive catalogue of learning topics from personal development and leadership to a wealth of compliance modules, giving employees everything they need to develop a range of essential business skills.

Learners recognise skills & lead their development

Learners can manage their own development through our learning library. Learning can be recommended through our skills advisor tool and training tracked for Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Track learning and document compliance

It's never been simpler to meet compliance regulations with data-driven dashboards and reports. Our standard reports provide an accurate understanding of business performance to assist with future learning decisions and our analytics dashboards provide live feedback on learning completion and user engagement to monitor your compliance learning.

Personalise learning with user management

Simply manage your learners’ access to the LMS with the functionality to recommend and assign learning content according to a job role, department or location. Our unique Visual Learning Journeys can also be assigned to particular users so they only see learning pathways and activities that are relevant to their own roles and development.

Learn on-the-go

Learn anytime, anywhere!  glo™ mobile is the glo™ learn companion app that gives registered users on-the-go access to their learning. With glo™ mobile, learners can download & complete assigned eLearning courses, check learning progress and keep up-to-date with bookings at a time and place that suits them.