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Effective learning engages the learner with powerful content and memorable, intuitive interactions accessed via simple interfaces that inform you what you need to do and where you are in the learning process. 

This is exactly what we built glo™ to do, and as a result has become award-winning in learning innovation, with the Learning & Performance Institute.

 glo™ not only delivers a complete blended learning experience for the learner, but also provides the L&D professional with intelligent dashboards and reports to inform you of progress and inform your strategy. 

glo™ provides real-time information to drive powerful decision making, and identify, retain and develop employee talent, promoting long term business growth. 

Whatever your learning requirement, our unique learning platform glo™ gives you comprehensive administration features and the ability to fully customise both brand and interfaces, tailoring it to your world.

A tailored approach to meet your business’ unique needs

A tailored approach to meet your business’ unique needs

glo™ goes beyond a traditional LMS. It’s not a simple branded product with limited options, it’s a holistic solution that’s tailored to meet your needs.

You deserve more than an “out of the box” system.

Not only do we offer full system branding, but unlike other platforms, glo™ is highly configurable, with flexible content managed, device compatible interfaces that allow you to tailor what the learner sees, based on their role.

Interfaces can also be customised to bespoke requirements, so the learning experience you deliver matches your strategy and business.

We are passionate about delivering customised learning experiences that drive business performance and develop motivated, loyal learners.

Easy content authoring with glo™

Easy content authoring with glo™

glo™ makes building your own courses and activities "Brilliantly Simple".

From creating courses to scheduling online conferences and webinars, to managing attendees, sending reminders and signposting external materials, glo™ is built with the Administrator and the Learner in mind and is as intuitive as it is ingenious to use.

Using your own existing content of pdf/s, videos, forms, assessments (as well as external content such as YouTube) you can make, assign publish courses in a matter of minutes.

All video and audio formats are supported and automatically SCORM wrapped and all content is easily edited after upload too, without affecting completion statistics, so frequent updates are hassle free.

Some things you can enjoy with glo™

Some things you can enjoy with glo™

glo™ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is fully scalable and simple to use. Its customisable interfaces and terminology are user friendly and offer the learner a journey that is more intuitive and enjoyable from the offset.

Employees, managers and administrators are able to access online induction portals, sales academies, compliance training, learning zone, classroom booking and administration facilities that will help drive measurable results. In addition, glo™ offers some features that other LMS providers don’t have.

Unique features to Learning Platform glo™

  • Visual Learning Journeys
    Access not only to traditional books and classroom methods, but also external resources, such as YouTube videos too.

  • A fully blended learning delivery
    Access not only to traditional books and classroom methods, but also eLearning, videos and external resources, such as YouTube and other web resources and tracking of On-the-Job tutoring. glo™ provides full administration and scheduling of Face to Face training, including distribution of course materials and notifications for joining instructions via SMS or email.

  • An offline/online sync mobile companion app
    Giving people to access all their learning offline, as well as online. moglo™ works across multiple devices including Android and iOS, making it easier to learn on-the-go.

  • Interactive dashboards and reports
    Interactive dashboard provide immediate visualisation of learner progress at every access level, informing individuals, teams, managers and the business where they are with their learning progress and more importantly, what they need to do!

  • A social learning platform
    A secure, closed social networking environment, allowing users to connect with colleagues and share knowledge.

  • Multiple ways of delivering learning
    glo™ delivers learning via structured curricula (training plans), recommended training, relevant training automatically assigned by business structure, personal development plans tailored to individual learning or as part of a personal review process or simple accessed via the central search or learning library.

  • Skills analysis and evaluation tools
    Built in tools allow you to evaluate knowledge, identify skills gaps and automatically tailor learning to individual needs. Great for succession planning and identifying your strategic business needs.

  • Safe, secure and supported
    glo™ is hosted via our private cloud that resides in the UK, so you can be sure that your data is secure at all times. Every client has a dedicated account manager and is looked after by our friendly 5 star customer rated UK support team.
“ Digits are fun and passionate about what they do and have a great ‘can-do’ attitude. Anything we ask for can be done! Nothing’s impossible!”Ian Goswell

Academy Manager, Kia Motors UK

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In addition to a range of great features,
with glo™ you’ll also have access to a
dedicated team of digital learning
We’ll work alongside you from project
definition to implementation and beyond,
ensuring you continually get the most out
of your new learning delivery platform. 

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