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glo™ - Learning platform

As employee learning and KPIs are taking a more prominent role within organisations, it becomes increasingly important to select the right learning delivery platform for your business. 

Our learning platform provides comprehensive administration features that put the control of your learning strategy back in your hands. The ability to fully customise both brand and interfaces, also provides a system that can be tailored to you and your business.

glo™ also provides a range of gamification features, such as Visual Learning Journeys, badges and leader boards that make learning a more engaging experience for the user.

A single SaaS license, with no per user cost, provides you with the ability to grow, without costs spiralling out of control.

Whether you’re looking to replace your current system or searching for a more bespoke learning portal that can work alongside your existing LMS, our tactile learning platform glo™ can help you. 

Introducing glo

Discover how we make learning brilliantly simple using our customisable learning platform called glo™.

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Management and reporting

Find out how we make data visual in glo™ and learn about our bolt on Skills Gap Analysis Tool called gap™ which not only helps you identify those skills gaps, but recommends learning that will bring your team up to speed.

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Managing learning

Whether you use Digit’s learning design team to create your eLearning or create your own, content can easily be uploaded to the library.

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Integration and hosting

Our learning platform glo™ is provided as a SaaS solution which integrates with a whole host of data providers and applications simplifying the user experience.

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Training and support

As glo™ is provided on an annual service and support license the Digits Support Team are always on hand to help.

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A tailored approach to meet your business’ unique needs

glo™ goes beyond a traditional LMS. It’s not a simple branded product with limited options, it’s a holistic solution that’s tailored to meet your needs. 

glo™ can help you: 

  • Retain and develop the right talent for long term growth
  • Recruit the right people
  • Improve corporate regulatory compliance
  • Automate and streamline processes for more efficient performance
  • Develop collaboration and communication between employees for better results

Some things you can enjoy with glo™

glo™ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is fully scalable and simple to use. Its customisable interfaces and terminology are user friendly and offer the learner a journey that is more intuitive and enjoyable from the offset. 

Employees, managers and administrators are able to access online induction portals, sales academies, compliance training, learning zone, classroom booking and administration facilities that will help drive measurable results. In addition, glo™ offers some features that other LMS providers don’t have.  

Unique features to Learning Platform glo™: 

  • Classroom management 
    Full administration and scheduling of Face to Face training, including distribution of course materials and notifications for joining instructions via SMS or email
  • A fully blended learning delivery
    Access not only to traditional books and classroom methods, but also external resources, such as YouTube videos too 
  • An offline mobile app
    Giving people to access all their learning offline, as well as online 
  • A social learning platform 
    A secure, closed social networking environment, allowing users to connect with eachother and share knowledge
  • Mobile versions of the system
    These work across multiple devices including Android and iOS, making it easier to learn on-the-go and interact with peers outside of the classroom 

What’s more, glo™ is a private cloud that resides in the UK, so you can be sure that your data is secure at all times. 

Support to guide
you every step
of the way

In addition to a range of great features,
with glo™ you’ll also have access to a
dedicated team of digital learning
We’ll work alongside you from project
definition to implementation and beyond,
ensuring you continually get the most out
of your new learning delivery platform. 

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