Identify skills gaps & manage talent with 360° skills analysis

Understanding the skills in your organisation is crucial for succession planning and delivering effective training, so if any unexpected departures do happen, you know your business has the skills to succeed!

More than just your average skills tool, glo™ skills identifies gaps in your workforce based on your competency frameworks, with self, 180° & 360° reviews that give a detailed insight into the competencies in your organisation and highlight what areas of the business require further development.

Understand skills in your business linking assessments to your frameworks

Tailored to your competency framework, self-assessments ask employees to respond to a series of statements based on competencies and behaviours required for their specifc job role. Using sliders, learners mark skills and behaviour against 5 levels of competency chosen by you, giving you an understanding of any skills gaps throughout your organisation and where to focus your learning.

180° & 360° reviews give a complete skills overview

In addition to self-assessments, learners can choose to invite managers & peers for 180° or 360° reviews, either from the system or by entering an external email address. After completing the review, learners receive spider charts that compare their ratings against their colleagues’, giving learners an accurate perspective of performance in key competency areas.

Recommend learning activities to fill skills gaps and build an effective workforce

If employees fall below any of the benchmarks for a category in their self, 180° and 360° reviews, employees will receive personalised learning recommendations, helping you build effective teams with the required competencies and behaviours to thrive.

Branded PDF reports offer insight into what skills require development

Personalised to your business, learners receive a comprehensive PDF report after their self, 180° and 360° assessments that breaks down what their raters gave them in each competency compared to their self-reflection. This gives your learners a well-rounded picture of their skills and what particular competencies require further development.

  • “Skills management is outstanding. Big wins include playlists’ content generated by skills, ability to create your own library of skills, including definitions (achieved through the administration side), self-assessment by learners of their skills and skill ratings.”
    Craig Weiss
    CEO & lead analyst for The Craig Weiss Group

Upskilling employees at The Telegraph

Using glo™ skills, The Telegraph delivered their new digital competency tool, ‘Career Builder’, to identify skills gaps based on their competency framework and provide employees with feedback to help them effectively manage their careers.

An innovative solution that gives a complete 360° skills analysis, Digits and The Telegraph were recognised as a finalist for the Best Learning Technologies Project- Commerical Sector UK for the work developing Career Builder.