glo™ skills

Identify, manage and evaluate skills gaps and learning requirements

Employee learning and L&D KPIs are becoming increasingly significant drivers influencing top-level decision making. It is more vital than ever before that your business is armed with the right learning delivery platform giving you the comprehensive information to enable more informed business decisions and develop relevant learning strategies.

glo™ skills was built with exactly this in mind. It simultaneously gives a highly-detailed breakdown of your workforces' current skills, whilst identifying any gaps where learning is required.

Easy to use and deliver, glo™ skills can be added as part of your glo™ learn package or comes included with glo™ enterprise:

  • Measure competencies and identify risks and training requirements
  • Assist in recruitment and succession planning
  • Track and link to individuals’ personal development plans
  • Identify strengths and fast-paced learners
Benefits for Learners

Benefits for Learners:

  • A highly-detailed breakdown of individuals competencies is clearly captured with training needs and career progression, making personal development plans more thorough and transparent
  • Training gaps and goals are easily identified and set
  • Skills, performance and development are tracked and encouraged for use in coaching, mentoring and 1-2-1s
  • Learners feel supported and valued, as their career paths are more defined and clearly linked to organisational performance
Benefits for Companies

Benefits for Companies:

  • A detailed analysis and insightful look at your employee skillset gives your business an advantageous ‘edge’
  • Business processes become simpler and sleeker (succession planning, L&D reviews, 1-2-1s) with the detailed glo™ skills information
  • Employees are more motivated and loyal because they have defined career paths and goals
  • Recruitment is more efficient, as exact skills gaps/requirements are identified by the skills analysis tool, which feed into their personal development
  • Skills reporting gives detailed geographical/office/team breakdowns for business planning
"This is very useful in building our learning strategy for 2017, as my team and I will be able to target our efforts where we know they are most needed." -
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Carolyn Gazzard, Head of Learning & Talent, Kingfisher Plc