glo™ mobile

glo™ mobile

Learn anytime, anywhere

In our fast-paced society where learners are always on the move, they need a learning solution that can keep up with their busy lifestyles.

glo™ mobile is the free glo™ learn companion app, where registered LMS users can access learning on-the-go at a time and place that suits them.

Using glo™ mobile, learners can download and complete assigned mobile-ready courses, monitor their learning progression and view notifications & upcoming bookings.

For those times when Wi-Fi isn’t available, learners can download courses onto the app and access them offline. Plus, eliminate any worries about losing connection mid-way through completing activities online, as when connection is detected again the app simply syncs back to glo™ learn and resumes completion statuses and scores. 

Available on Android and iOS, glo™ mobile gives just-in-time access to learning materials so learners can quickly brush up on any skills in an instant moment of need. So, whether learners wish to refresh presentation skills on their commute or review interview skills in the evening, glo™ mobile gives learners the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere.