glo™ on the move

moglo™ - Our mobile companion App

moglo™ - Our mobile companion App

Whilst glo™ is a responsive, mobile optimised web application, we felt we could do more.

More, to make life as easy as possible for the learner, when on the move and out of connectivity range.

Our mobile companion App, moglo™, takes all the best bits from glo™ and mobilises them adding new features like “offline learning”, dashboards, booking reminders and notifications.

moglo™ encompasses its own SCORM player and cleverly downloads mobile ready courseware, allowing the learner to complete eLearning modules, evaluations or questionnaires, without the worry of losing their place if connectivity is lost.

As soon as a connection is detected, moglo™ connects back to glo™ and uploads the users completion status, score and any data they have entered.

It is the perfect way to deliver interactive eWorkbooks, which provides a huge ROI on printed materials.

What’s more, we don’t just build apps for a single device, moglo™ works on iPhone and Android.