Onboard your teams faster


Visual Learning Journeys are the perfect vehicle to communicate your business, vision and values, as well as deliver key information and familiarisation tailored to where new colleagues will be working.

Using comprehensive rules, your Inductees can learn about the company before they start, providing a soft landing in their new role.

By combining learning content and useful information before day-1, a new starter can concentrate on the face-to-face learning interaction that really benefits them on their first day and start in their new role feeing less anxious and better prepared.

Induction / Onboarding

Visual Induction journeys are a great way to introduce a new employee to your business. They represent a simple, visual way of presenting essential learning, useful information and resources to a new starter when they are hungry to learn about their new role, both as part of a pre-boarding or onboarding process.

On their first day, new levels can be unlocked to deliver core learning and compliance as part of the onboarding process, with reminders for personal reviews and 1 to 1's.

Proven results

The Onboarding Opportunity

Don't take our word for it. New research reveals the impact of Strategic Onboarding – "Organizations that invest in onboarding in the form of technology, training, measurement, and a sustained focus on new-hire engagement and assimilation get a strong return on investment", according to Brandon Hall Group's 2017 Onboarding Study.

As onboarding is becoming more refined as part of the L&D function, it is gaining recognition that it is a strategic aspect, and therefore a potential influencer, in key performance (KPIs) and ROI indicators of a business.

Brandon Hall cite "those with mature onboarding are, on average 83% more likely to see increases in key performance indicators and almost twice as likely to have practices that are strategic and effective".

Read what Brandon Hall have to say in their study of the 'Evolution of Onboarding'.

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Award winning

We have created a number of custom Induction Journeys for a range of our clients and won awards for innovation and user experience. Our results for one client showed that 94% of new starters felt prepared for work and 87% completed their Onboarding from home before they started in their new role.

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