How our clients use Visual Learning Journeys

Visual Induction Journeys

Induction, On-boarding and Pre-boarding

Visual Induction journeys are a great way to introduce a new employee to your business. They represent a simply way of presenting learning material, useful information and resources to a new starter, when they are hungry to learn about their new role, both as part of a pre-boarding or on-boarding process, giving them a relevant visual representation of your business.

Journeys can introduce your business, vision and values, as well as deliver key information and familiarisation, tailored to where they will be working, providing a soft landing in their new role. New levels can be unlocked to deliver core learning and compliance, as part of the onboarding process, with reminders for personal reviews and 1 to 1’s.

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Visual Compliance Journeys

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

Compliance isn’t meant to sound fun, but most companies have to provide evidence that their workforce is meeting compliance requirements. Why not provide an engaging gamified way of delivering your compliance learning?

Visual Compliance Journeys can lead learners through a visual pathway or provide a guide to introduce the learning and explain why it is important to them and the business. A blended approach to compliance learning delivered via a visual journey provide context to the learner.

Gamification can add competition or a reward incentive to compliance completion making the experience a bit more fun and provide clear reminders for when training needs to be refreshed.

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Visual Product Journeys

Sales Process and Product Knowledge

Why not deliver product knowledge by allowing the learner to explore the products you are trying to train them on? Click on hotspots on a product image to view YouTube videos, product sheets, eLearning modules, indeed whatever material you have available.

Visual product journeys provide a quick and easy way to collate readily available product information and materials in a single engaging interface, with tracking and completion of the learners interactions. A quick and cost effective way of getting product knowledge out to the people that need it in your business.

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Visual Coaching Programmes

Skills and Leadership Coaching

Our Visual Learning Journeys are a great way of delivering a blending learning experience for skills coaching programmes. The coaching programme can be provided as a journey, offering touchpoints, reminders, key information, workshop booking and timely information for regular coaching session appointments.

Using glo™’s automated email notifications and rule triggers, the delegate can receive regular emails, knowledge joggers and reminders about key learning, as well as having a portal for regular contact and key information at each stage of their programme.

Check out some client video testimonials