Visual Learning Journeys

Engage and motivate your learners with Visual Learning Journeys

glo™ learn delivers so much more than just a list of courses, it allows you to create engaging Visual Learning Journeys to encourage learners using relevant, gamified interfaces.

With our Journey builder tool, create dynamic, gamified learning experiences that guide learners through a visual pathway of learning, completing a series of blended learning activities which can be personalised to a job role, topic or business area. 

Combined with the ability to reward learner achievement and motivate learners through earning badges and points to rank progress on a leader board, our award-winning Visual Learning Journeys provide a truly gamified learning experience.

As part of your glo™ learn package, you’ll receive in-built compliance and induction journey templates, so you can get started delivering essential learning with a unique and engaging learning process.

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Visual Learning Journeys

What does this mean for the learner?

All purposeful journeys have a start and a destination, as well as pit-stops along the way to re-fuel, digest and reflect. Visual learning journeys are no different, providing the learner with a clear pathway and target for learning.

By laying out a simple, personalised pathway of blended learning content, Visual Learning Journeys guide the learner through an intuitive, self-paced experience.

Using meaningful content delivered via an engaging, relevant, user-friendly interface makes the journey memorable and real-world.

How do they work?

How do learning journeys work?

Users are guided through a series of gamified and stylised pathways. These pathways are created by you the learning professional, using our Journey builder tools, and can depict anything from a climb up Mount Everest, a path around a retail store or simply the learner‘s journey to work.

Along these pathways, learners encounter a range of learning activities or access learning resources that you define when building the journey. These interactions can deliver the complete blended learning experience, everything from a video, webinar, tutorial, pdf, and assessment form to a questionnaire, classroom exercise…the list goes on.

Essentially, learning development is accessed through one simple, engaging, gamified interface.

Journey Builder harnesses the functionality within glo™, allowing complex rules and notifications to be triggered as part of the Journey progress, notifying managers when a user has completed a stage or when a 1 to 1 intervention, such as a mentoring session, physical tour or personal review is required, delivering a truly blended approach to the Learning Journey.

Gamified learning experiences

Gamified learning experiences

Compatible with a range of devices, the journeys provide a simple and engaging way for learners to undertake formal learning.

Gamification features allow the learner to earn points, badges and certificates for completing tasks, as well as rankings on a leader board with colleagues, making a fun and challenging learning experience.

Notifications, reminders and links to other resources and support information aid the learning process and reaffirm success.