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All businesses now need a Covid-19 risk assessment to reopen safely

We wanted to be sure to bring you the best advice when it comes to reopening so we have partnered with  Hygiene & Safety Consultants who produce bespoke policies and risk assessments for business to ensure the back to work process is kicked off safely and efficiently.

As all businesses need to make sure they have a strong record of their Covid-19 risk assessments and evidence Hygiene & Safety Consultants have put together a short help guide so that you can familiarise yourself with the new recommended procedures.

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You are not alone when it comes to the legalities of reopening, Oliver and his team are happy to offer a free consultation and support documents to kickstart the process with you.

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Bounce back with confidence

We understand how important it is to get your workforce back up and running smoothly and safely. That’s why we are offering 10% off the following iHASCO training courses:

●  Returning to Work after COVID-19 Training
●  Risk Assessment Training
●  Resilience Training
●  Infection Prevention & Control Training

These four courses lay the foundations for a happy and safe return to work and can even assist your organisation in legislative compliance.

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Reassure your workforce

We haven’t just stopped at that. The content you choose is fully embedded into glo™ learn so there’s no extra administration needed. Allowing you to make time to put together essential information about changes in your workplace.  

You can then launch your brand new learning management system, complete with essential and engaging online learning to all of your employees before you even open the doors. Reassuring them that they are walking back into a safe and secure working environment.

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