Our Services

From eLearning Design and Consultancy to Custom Portal and Mobile App Development, we have a wide range of skills and services we can bring to any project. Our management team have over 25 years’ experience in the design and development of interactive digital learning, with a focus on usable, intuitive design. 

We are so good at it, we also provide User Experience and User Interface (UX / UI) consultancy to a wide variety of other software companies (but don’t tell them we told you)!

eLearning design & development

Whilst we have a thorough passion and understanding for learning,
we are also a very capable digital development team. 

We love creating ‘Brilliantly Simple’ eLearning

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lightbulb moment


We believe in the 'Art of the Possible', but base our consultancy on a strong technical development capability and innovative creative thinking.

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Custom Portal design & development

Every company, project and person is different, so why not have a Learning Portal that meets your needs, rather than some “off the shelf” product with your logo stuck on it.

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Mobile app design & development

Developing for multi-device delivery has come natural to us and we are able to create  mobile learning and apps that can be viewed across a range of devices.

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Digital video production

We have our own in-house video production
facilities and more importantly, the team with
over 25 years’ experience of producing high
quality, corporate training and interactive
video content.

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Software design & development

We are a creative company that works in the Digital World, so naturally in our mind, we should have a strong software and network team that take care of the technical stuff.

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Specialist Hosting

We understand that our clients require a reliable, secure and responsive SaaS application and our hosting platform has been engineered to provide full 24/7 availability, security, scalability and guaranteed accessibility.

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