Our Services

From eLearning Design and Consultancy, to Custom Portal and Mobile App Development, we have a wide range of skills and services we can bring to any project. Our management team have over 25 years experience in the design and development of interactive digital learning, with a focus on usable, intuitive design. 

eLearning Design & Development

We’re passionate about creating ‘Brilliantly Simple’ eLearning to suit your business’s needs. Offering innovative digital solutions to deliver the aspect of training desired, with the size and environment of your organisation in mind.

With the help of our very capable and talented digital development team, we can bring these requirements to life in a way that works for your world.

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We believe in the 'Art of the Possible', but base our consultancy on a strong technical development capability and innovative creative thinking.

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Custom Portal Design & Development

Every company, project and person is different, so rather than selecting an ‘off the shelf’ product and adding your logo to it, why not have a Learning Portal that’s tailored to your business needs.

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Mobile app Design & Development

With people constantly on the move, developing learning that can be delivered across multiple devices was a natural progression for us. Our skilled team can create mobile learning and apps that can be viewed on a range of devices, so the learning doesn’t need to stop when you leave the room.

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Digital Video Production

We have our own in-house video production
facilities and more importantly, the team with
over 25 years’ experience of producing high
quality, corporate training and interactive
video content.

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Software design & development

We are a creative company that works in the Digital World, so naturally in our mind, we should have a strong software and network team that take care of the technical stuff.

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Specialist Hosting

We understand that our clients require a reliable, secure and responsive SaaS application and our hosting platform has been engineered to provide full 24/7 availability, security, scalability and guaranteed accessibility.

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