We love creating ‘Brilliantly Simple’ eLearning


It's where Digits started 20 odd years ago and has always been something that we thoroughly enjoy doing.

We are lucky enough to have worked with some of the biggest brand names over the years and have been part of some genuinely innovate projects, that have delivered real business benefits.

We also love showing this work off, so why not give us a call to have a chat with us about your upcoming projects.

We’re a friendly bunch!

Whilst we have a thorough passion and understanding for learning, we are also a very capable digital development team. 

We understand technology and the authoring tools available to us, such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Flash or Captivate, but also have the skills to develop what we need to meet your objectives from scratch. After all we have developed our own LMS, CMS and a range of other clever tools for our clients. We are not afraid to push the boundaries and have created learning that interfaces with other systems to provide real world simulations.

We are happy to work as part of your L&D team, providing our productions skills, whether for full eLearning development or the creation of a set of branded Articulate templates to enable you to create your own.

elearning examples

From concept to creation, our instructional designers, creative designers and developers work with you to understand your business and the day to day role of those that will be your audience. We work to understand what it will be like for the user working in your daily environment, to suggest approaches and technologies that will not only enhance the learning experience, but may also and additional business benefits.

We take an holistic approach to your project and find innovate, yet pragmatic ways to not only transfer the subject matter, but also to find ways to deliver the learning in a relevant way to meet your objectives.

Our aim is to create innovative eLearning that works in your World.


We understand technology, but we do not let this drive what we produce.  We use the appropriate technology to get results and suggest ways that technology can enhance the learning or play a pragmatic role in delivery.

Developing for multi-device delivery has come naturally to us and we are able to create eLearning that can be viewed across a range of devices.