Blended learning

Create truly
personalised blended
learning experiences
with Digits LMS

Escape from tradition

Free learning from the traditional classroom and create truly
blended learning experiences that are tailored to your people
and their individual needs.

Digits LMS’s suite of gamification features use rewards such as pop-up points and badges, as well as leaderboards, to create interest in learning and reward employees who complete courses and activities.

The expert team at Digits, part of the Ciphr Group, have more than 30 years’ experience implementing blended learning solutions for clients such as  Specsavers, Bensons For Beds, and Ikea.

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Digits LMS supports a range of
learning content types and activities:

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Case study

Creating a blended learning strategy for Specsavers

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What is blended

Blended learning – or hybrid learning – combines instructor-led training (whether in-person or virtual) with learner-led training. A typical programme of blended learning will include group classroom or virtual training sessions, led by an instructor, hosted at particular times, as well as learner-led independent study, to be completed digitally or practically, at a time that suits them. This approach enables learners to prepare for and raise questions at live training events, while also studying at a pace and in a way that’s most in tune with their preferences.

How Digits LMS supports
blended learning

Digits LMS can host and enable access to a range of content
types, including video, eLearning courses, workbooks,
assessments, and on-the-job learning activities.

You can also create face-to-face and virtual workshops for learners to book, notify users of upcoming classes, and automatically issue joining instructions. Digits LMS is integrated with leading communication platforms such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect and GoToTraining – making it simpler than ever to deliver a seamless hybrid learning experience to your people.

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