Enterprise learning management systems

Enterprise learning
management system that
engages, empowers and
rewards learners

Key features


Tailor Digits LMS’ graphics
and layout to make it your own

Detailed reporting

Helping L&D teams make informed
decisions about learning strategy

Performance reviews

Empowers employees to own
their career development

Innovative skills analysis tools

Understand individuals’ skills
and deliver personalised
training programmes

Gamified learning

Use points, badges, and
leaderboards to engage

Supports blended

Track, record and manage
online and offline
activities in one place

Integrates with HR software
such as Ciphr HR

Helping you get a holistic view
of people and performance.
Digits is part of the Ciphr Group 

Backed by a team
of L&D experts

We have more than
three decades’
experience in digital
learning design
and development 

“The functionality helps businesses to create and configure a system to work for them, instead of having to bend the business around a system. Whatever you’re trying to do the system seems to have multiple ways of tackling it. Thanks to Digits we’re now in a position to be more creative with how employees learn and develop.”

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Make Digits' enterprise LMS your own with
extensive customisation options

Your Digits LMS platform can be customised to perfectly represent
your organisation’s culture, branding and ethos.

L&D administrators can customise much of the system’s elements themselves, including homepage layout and graphics, learning journeys, and other graphics. You can also use our content management system to upload content that’s relevant to your learners and get them started with the LMS right away.

If you want to customise your Digits LMS platform further, our team of experts are on hand to help with everything from design consultancy to system functionality. We’ll work with you to make Digits LMS your own – ultimately increasing learner engagement and buy in.

Larger enterprises can also configure the solution to offer tailored learning activities and programmes to distinct groups of users, such as employees, customers, partners and more. Discover Digits LMS’s extended enterprise functionality.

Demonstrate ROI and business
impact with detailed reports

Our comprehensive reporting functionality empowers L&D teams and
managers to create their own reports and dashboards about the key learning
metrics that matter most to your organisation.

Individual learners can track their own progress via the learning overview dashboard; its traffic light system shows which activities haven’t been started, are in progress, or have been completed.

Managers can also track their direct reports’ progress through team dashboards, enabling them to have more informed development conversations with their staff.

Live analytics help L&D teams understand usage and engagement with learning content across the population of users, as well as analyse uptake and knowledge within specific groups of users.

“The reporting I can access is extremely helpful to see what
training my team have done and what is left to do.”

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Achieve more with Digits' corporate learning management system

Understand your workforce’s skills with our innovative tool

Digits’ corporate learning management system features an innovative competency assessment tool to help you understand your people’s skills, carry out succession planning, and deliver effective, personalised training programmes. It also helps you understand competencies by team and business area, enabling you to create long-term L&D plans for future organisational success.

Discover skills analysis

Transform organisational performance

Link organisational goals at all levels, and empower people to take control of their own performance, with Digits LMS. Our solution helps you manage ongoing performance, creating an audit trail of conversations between managers and their people.

Our consultants will work with you to configure Digits LMS to support and reflect your organisation’s existing performance procedures and organisation’s goals.

High-performance solution backed by experts

Digits LMS is backed by a team of experts and consultants who are with you on every step of your L&D journey. With more than 30 years’ experience in L&D software and learning content design, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your organisation’s learning goals.

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Enterprise LMS FAQs

What is enterprise LMS?

Enterprise LMS is a software platform suitable for large organisations to facilitate the training of employees. An enterprise LMS is a feature-rich learning management system that allows enterprise organisations to deliver, track, and report on workplace training activities. It is sometimes also called ‘Corporate LMS’.

A beginner’s guide to learning management systems

Why do companies need an LMS?

Companies need a learning management system (LMS) to deliver, record, monitor, and report on workplace learning activities — from onboarding and compliance to non-mandatory training.

What are the types of LMS?

There are three types of learning management systems (LMS): cloud-based LMS — such as Digits LMS — is the most popular type of LMS, and is hosted off-site in cloud storage. On-premise LMS is hosted on-site on servers. Open-source LMS is an editable source code which requires custom development.

How do I find the best LMS?

To find the best LMS, consider three main requirements: the best LMS will meet the needs of all stakeholders, your LMS vendor will be a good fit, and the best LMS will offer the features and functionality your organisation truly needs.

White paper: How to choose the best LMS

How can enterprise LMS help me?

Digits’ enterprise learning platform combines LXP and LMS functionality, making it the ideal platform to deliver exceptional learning experiences as well as robust data and analytics to inform and guide decision-makers. Digits’ enterprise LMS can also be integrated with HR systems for a holistic view of employee development activities.

Video: Digits LMS - the LMS/LXP hybrid that transforms your learning culture

Do I need a corporate learning management system?

Depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of your requirements, a corporate learning management system (another name for ‘enterprise LMS’) may be the right solution.

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